Omarosa Finds Redemption In God

image Omarosa found fame on The Apprentice by being smart and willing to push the envelope.  She was loudly decried by many as an angry and power crazy Black woman.  By the time she appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, this reputation was cemented.  Lennox Lewis commented on her ghetto nature, while her fellow participants ignored the ways in which Piers Morgan goaded and degraded her at every opportunity.  He wanted the world to know that Omarosa – a  Black woman, could never hope to be his equal. Omarosa became a problematized body because she refused to regulate her speech and demanded the right to stand up for herself.

Just like many Black women, Omarosa was to find that the negative stereotypes associated with Black femininity, would attach themselves to her and ultimately become a huge factor in how she is/was understood by the public.  If Omarosa is strong, it because she has bad to be so in order to  survive in a world that values the work of White men, while single handily ignoring the contributions of women of color.

It was with great interest when I discovered a link proclaiming: Repent Now: Omarosa is entering a seminary

He also says she’s done charity work for the homeless and poor in Haiti in the past, which we rarely see on the TV. Because we don’t like our bad guys to be complex, just evil.

You will note how quickly her womanhood is lost by using the term guy as a universal identifier.  Omarosa is neither bad or a guy, she is simply an ambitious woman and this is something we would find admirable in a White male.  It is the color of her skin that makes the word ambition a negative because Black women are understood to exist for the sole purposes of servicing the needs of Whiteness.  How dare she exist with the belief that living outside of the mammy stereotype is acceptable.  This is particularly why she has been disciplined under the Sapphire  construction.

Omarosa is a very accomplished woman.  She is well educated and well spoken.  She has articulated on many occasions that we should not settle for what we are being offered and instead seek to set the terms of the game in a manner that is more advantageous to us.  Black women, according to Omarosa,  will always be offered the lowest remuneration and it is up to us to demand more. 

I am sure that Omarosa has her own reasons for choosing to attend Divinity school however; this does not mean that she is somehow redeemed or is desirous of redemption. She is a complex being and the fact that she has been universally constructed as one dimensional speaks, to the racism and sexism that has become culturally acceptable.  Instead of recognizing that once again Omarosa has chosen a field that has traditionally been hostile to women, much less women of color, the meme is to ignore the ways in which race and gender have combined to construct her as a negative human being.  Some may see this as an about face, from the woman the America has loved to hate, but perhaps it is just a reflection of the complexity that many have chosen to ignore in order to construct an identity that is not representative of her.

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