Oh The Vulgarity

Though I do not identify as a third wave feminist, one of the things I have adopted is the freedom to swear as I see fit.  Vulgarity does have its time and place; however nothing gets a point across like a direct and to the point fuck you, or fuck off. I don’t spend my days spewing expletive after expletive, but I sincerely believe that for many years this form of expression was denied women.

Good girls are routinely told to watch our language.  Swearing was/is understood as manly behaviour and not suitable for a correctly docile female.  Language is a very powerful tool and if certain forms of expression are disciplined by gender, it only reinforces the social construction we have concocted of the ever passive,Victorian like woman.

This post is completely inspired by a comment on Glenn Sacks blog ( again I refuse to link, if you’re interested hit google) about me:

You can tell a “new gender raunch”, by the language they use. They use the language of vulgar pigs!!

So I guess I’m not a good girl then. I was so hoping Santa would bring me a tea set, and a baby doll for under the christmas tree; so that I could learn to play the acceptable woman.  Since that is not to be, and I am clearly getting coal, I might as well say whatever the fuck I want.

Anyone else find it interesting that the only place where it is acceptable for women to swear is in the bedroom.  If we are moaning, sweating, grunting and saying yeah fuck me, oh yeah fuck me harder, the mehnz are all into it.  After all how “hot” would it be to say insert your penis faster?  (LOL shit I am cracking my own damn self up on that one). Once again this is confirming the passive pussy.  Saying fuck me, or fuck me harder turns the male into the active body and the woman into the passive body. 

(trigger warnings on the video for rape survivors)

We all know that the one with the dick is the one assumed to be the one doing the fucking; despite the bullshit about reciprocity in terms of sexuality.  I swear when it comes to fucking lesbians have the right idea.

The minute we decide to reverse roles and have a dominant female and a submissive male we turn it into some sort of sexual fetish.  Yeah the “big man” is so powerful that the only way he can be diminished is to take orders from a woman. Of course it seems kinky and wrong when our entire society is dedicated to phalocentric worship; every dick is a royal one.

When a woman says fuck you, she is asserting a sense of power that we have socially tried to deny.  She is stepping out of the submissive role and assuming an active body which patriarchy finds threatening. The mehnz immediately go into panic mode and try to remind us our place.  No No little one, aggression is reserved for those with testicles.

As women we need to carve out space for all kinds of expression to be acceptable. When we allow society to dictate what is acceptable based on gender we are allowing ourselves to be silenced. If we are angry or pissed we should be able to say fuck off with confidence and not be shamed for it. We are entitled to our anger and the expression of it is a human right.

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