Obama Commemorative Plates


So there I am watching CNN when this ad pops up my television.  This is pure capitalism in action…A Barack Obama commemorative plate, of which you are only allowed to purchase two by the way.

How will the average person be able to restrict themselves to only two plates?  This of course is not some ploy to somehow make this tacky representation seem more valuable than it is.  How could anyone not want a piece of history? This is not as bad as the pocket fisherman, but it certainly is not much better.

Daily Americans are getting pink slips, houses are being foreclosed on but you need this plate as a symbol of faith and hope.  I don’t know about you but 19.99 buys a package of diapers, or 3 bags of milk for my kids, or the equivalent of two diners for my family.  I know the value of 19.99.

One message that Obama made clear is that people are going to have to start thinking about money differently, and I think that using his image to promote a clearly ridiculous product is counter to his message.  Now is the time for fiscal austerity.  Having a pretty Obama chachsky on your wall may be nice, but in the grand scheme of things if you voted for him you have already participated in a historic moment.  No cheap plate hanging on your wall is necessary to prove your commitment to his message of change.

I would like to see an end to this exploitative products that prey upon American over attachment to country and nationalism.  Many may accuse Canadians of not having national pride because we do not have the big displays that Americans do; however for us national pride is about action and not display. If you know in your heart that you love your country you have no need of a gratuitous display to prove it to the world.

I do have one other query about these tacky commemorative items, were they made in the U.S.A ? I have done some research and still have not been able to find out. Just imagine  if the symbol of  patriotism was made in Taiwan, just like so many cheap products of this kind?

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