Nude Jena Jenson PETA AD, Exploitation Ok For Women and Not Animals


H/T Free Womens Blogs.

PETA, PETA, PETA…what can I say. I think that your goal of ending the abuse of animals is laudable. I believe that we need to treat animals humanely but why you continually refuse to extend the same privilege to women continues to astound me. Did you not realize that women are animals to and therefore by continuing to exploit us  to advance a political position you are flouting your own principles?

I understand that this is a program to promote spaying and neutering but how does a naked woman add to our understanding of this objective? It doesn’ simply draws the eye in without relaying any significant message that raises consciousness. Those that stop to look at this advertisement will look at her body, and totally ignore your message, and that would seem to me to be counter to your goals. So PETA stop pimping pussy and calling it social action…you put yourself on the same level as the makers of those horrendous “girls gone wild videos”. 

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