Now PeTA Loves Black Women


Above is PeTA’s new advertisement featuring Tyra, Oprah, Carrrie Underwood and the every fabulous Michelle Obama.  For once, all the women in a PeTA advertisement are clothed.  Look carefully folks, it might be some time to come before we see women with clothes on associated with PeTA again. 

My issue with this photo is very simple:  PeTA has a history of using sexism and racism to promote its cause and it is disgusting that when they can find uses for WOC that they paste their faces to a cheap ad, quickly forgetting the various times when they have devalued us.  I have not forgotten the fat shaming thrown at Aretha Franklin, nor the time they thought it would be cute to dress up as the KKK.

Nothing that PeTA has done has shown respect for women or POC and to use their images now because it suits their purposes is just more insulting behaviour.  You cannot have it both ways PeTA.  You don’t get to embrace us when it suits your purposes and then use racism and sexism to attack and shame us. The one lesson that PeTA has yet to learn, is that the ends don’t always justify the means.   A simple glance through their previous campaigns makes this more than obvious.

I do not see this advertisement as a sign that PeTA has turned over a new leaf.  They have yet to offer any apologies for their previous offensive behaviour and have in fact gone out of their way to justify the hatred that they have engaged in. All this ad seems to be is yet more appropriation of women’s bodies. Yes, all of the four of them have declared  themselves to be fur free but I do not recall The first lady, Oprah or Tyra endorsing PeTA.   Simply stating that they do not wear fur should not give PeTA the right to take their images and attach them to their agenda.  I don’t wear fur nor do I endorse the wearing of fur but it would a cold day in hell before I would support PeTA in anything.

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