No Gays Here


image Carole van der Berg and Helen Ross were happily planning their wedding when they were informed that the hall that they had chosen had decided to cancel their contract. It seems the owners  are Jehovah Witness and are strictly against Gay marriage. 

According to DispatchOnline, Hormann the owner said, “I like them very much and I have nothing against them but we do not condone same- sex marriages. They are making a big thing out of nothing”

A big deal out of failing to be overjoyed at being discriminated against…A big deal for not accepting bigotry.  I am sick of those who are intolerant claiming that the targets of their discrimination are “too sensitive” when we react in anger.  To not be validated as a human being to be treated as less than is a big deal.

Let’s be honest how many times have we seen Jehovah Witnesses turn to the courts to assert their right to religious freedom.  We as a society are expected to tolerate their point of view and yet they cannot find it within themselves to be tolerant of others…in a word hypocrisy. If you want justice and the tolerance of others you need to extend that same courtesy.  If you claim to be asserting a religious position it should be based on more than a verse in Leviticus. How about remembering things like let he is who is without sin cast the first stone, or all are sinners in the eyes of God? You have no right to sit in judgement of others based in religion.  It is a disgrace and completely counter to the theology you claim to represent. Actions like this are exactly what gives Christianity a bad name.

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