Nikki Muller and Butt Hurt

Yesterday I posted the video Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton Bitch).  I really didn’t think much of it and went on about my day, until Ms. Muller and her little friends decided to congregate in my comment section.  I woke up this morning to several of their comments in my moderation cue. In the interest of transparency, I am going to post Ms. Muller’s comment here and address it. The rest of her hive mind buddies are going to stay in moderation. No one bullies me in my online home bitch.

Generally I avoid reading these kind of polarizing commentaries, and I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but I’m truly appalled by the ignorance demonstrated here. First: I couldn’t possibly be more horrified by the implications that I “planted” a black female in my video for “street cred”. The idea of that is anathema to me, and certainly to my friend and co-collaborator, who appears in many of my videos, which you might notice if you bothered to look into other things I’ve done instead of racing to judgement on a single view of a satirical rap I posted. To reduce her to a “token” role is insulting to her and her talents. I also hope you realize that both of the women in my video are my cograduates of Princeton, so anything you say applies to us all.

Furthermore, THAT WAS MY “BOOTY”. And it’s pretty obviously me… you can see my hair. I can’t even begin to imagine why you projected that misinformation. You have some serious issues.

Lastly, assuming because I’m white that I’m “privileged” is racist. The only reason I could afford to attend Princeton was because of their generous financial aid. You do not know me and you do not know my background. Judge my video from what you see, but extrapolating facts about who I am is ignorant. You claim to be a feminist but you are just as bad as the frat boys who tell me to STFU and get back in the kitchen, just the opposite end of the spectrum.

Finally, anyone who thinks I’m being elitist maybe missed the part where I said “it doesn’t really help that I’m an Ivy Leaguer”. And this is all I’m going to say on the subject, because I’m sure you’re going to ignore it and believe what you want to believe. 

I don’t even know where to begin with this hot mess.  Yes, I said hot mess.  For someone who went to Princeton Bitch, you would think that she would recognize her own damn White privilege. Rap is not now, or ever will be your medium, and you don’t get to appropriate it so that you can walk around with swagger and give the appearance of toughness. After seeing this video, why in the world would I be interested in wasting anymore of my precious time consuming anything else Muller has done?  I assume that because she is rapping about Princeton, she thinks she’s better than Kreayshawn.  Guess again Muller.

Shall we do the math on the video?  There were two White women and one woman of colour. Umm yeah, token inclusion.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.  Muller had the nerve to compare herself to Michell Obama for crying out loud and then expects me to believe that her inclusion of a WOC had no nefarious intent. Muller has no idea what it is to be a Black woman and yet she was quick to make a juxtaposition that suggests that sharing a gender and a college can make two women of vastly different experiences the same. Even if Muller grew up in the same neighborhood as Mrs. Obama, and attended the same schools from start to finish, she could not even begin to comprehend Mrs. Obama’s life. But yeah, she went to Princeton Bitch.

For all the money and effort that being a Princeton grad entails, clearly respecting the labels of women is something Muller has yet to learn. The name of this blog is (say it with me folks) WOMANIST MUSINGS, ergo, the person writing this blog is a womanist and not a feminist. I am sick to death of White women who think it’s okay to just erase my identity. Racist much?  Women are not monoliths and I don’t recall a commandment stating that my gender requires me to subscribe to a hive mind.

Here’s something else that Muller did not learn, though she went to Princeton Bitch.  If you are White, no matter your class, sexuality, ability etc., you have (say it with me folks, you know you want to) WHITE PRIVILEGE.  It is something that is encoded to the body from birth.  Also, racism equals privilege plus power.  All that time and money spent, and still yet Muller has not learned anti-racism 101.  At least this part of her education is free.  I wonder if in her next video she is going to start to cry about reverse racism. Ohhh the butt hurt, how it burns.

I will say that if I mistook the owner of the booty in question, I apologize to Muller however, the rest of my commentary on her little foray into Ivy league hoodlum still stands.  I didn’t go to Princeton Bitch, but I know a privileged obtuse White woman when I see one. 

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