Newsweek Appropriates Hindu Imagery

I first looked at the above image and thought are you freaking kidding me.  Obama is posed as  “Shiva the Destroyer” doing the “dance of death.” There can be no doubt that this is appropriation.  I must admit that I don’t know a lot about the Hindu faith, but I do know using anyone’s religion in this manner is offensive.   

This image can also be understood is an attempt to other Obama.  He has gone to great length to assure the American populace that he is a Christian man.  Despite regularly attending church for years many still believe that he is Muslim.  Though the Muslim and Hindu faith have nothing in common, many will see this image and  internalize the idea that Obama is not American. There is certainly a Hindu population living in the U.S., but because of Christian hegemony, those practicing other religions are seen as outsiders. This image plays upon the thought process of those who continue to believe that Obama is lying about his identity and it could not possibly have been an innocent selection.

What were your thoughts when you viewed this image?

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