Neo-Nazis Not Fit To Parent

FACS removed two children from the custody of their parents in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when it was alleged that they where teaching their children racist ideology.  It was reported in the Star that the girl, “showed up one morning in class with writing on her body, including a swastika and a common white supremacist symbol “14/88”.

The number 14 refers to a slogan containing 14 words – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, while 88 represents the letters HH (the eighth in the alphabet) to mean “Heil Hitler.”

Const. Pat Chabidon confirmed the father was recently interviewed based on allegations he was involved in “hate crimes involving children.” Police had questioned him regarding similar concerns in 2005, he said.

No criminal charges have been laid, but police turned the file over to CFS, Chabidon said.

The mother of the children is also named in the CFS application as being unfit to parent, based on her relationship with her husband. He is the biological father of the young boy and the stepfather of the girl.

“There are also concerns about parental drug and alcohol use in the home,” CFS wrote.

According to the Montreal Gazette, “Child and Family Services is seeking a permanent order of guardianship based on ongoing concerns about the safety of a seven-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.”

“The children may be at risk due to the parents’ behavior and associates. The parents might endanger the emotional well-being of the children,” CFS wrote in court documents.

If in actuality the parents are neo-nazis, there is no doubt that the children are at risk.  No child should be brought up to hate, it is a form of child abuse.  Young minds are impressionable, and they trust us as parents to guide them through the early stages of life. Many parents regularly reinforce racist ideals and pass them on to their children, however it is another thing entirely to mark the bodies of children with racist symbols.  In this marking they are forcing their children to publicly represent their ideals, and bear the consequences of their racist beliefs. 

When a child is born they see the difference between the races, but are not able to associate the difference with worth, or value.  As they grow society teaches them which bodies are valuable, and which bodies are marked for exploitation. For children of color this can be a scaring experience, as they come to the realization that their bodies are deemed less than, or deficient.  As a committed anti-racist parent of two bi-racial boys, I struggle each day to counter act the multitude of negative messages that daily my children are assaulted with.  Make no mistake in understanding, that when I use the word assault, that is exactly what it is, to a childs mind.  Whether they are recognized as the dominant group, or the marginalized group negative understandings of race impedes the future emotional stability of children. It effects their ability to trust others, as well as teaches them a skewed view of self worth. 

Hate is ultimately an angry emotion; the antithesis of joy which is what childhood should be about.  A child that is taught to hate on sight will never know the true joy of discovery, or experience the world as the blank state the way that they were intended to. There is much that they will not attempt simply because they have been taught to associate negatively with different races, and or cultures.  We have such a short life span, and to limit the possibility of human experience due to ignorance, fear and hatred is to lead a stunted life. You cannot learn by constantly seeing a reflection of yourself, no matter how positive that reflection is. When we come together in love so much is possible. Daily in my multi racial home I witness the possibility of love, and it fills my life with meaning, and value beyond what I could possibly express in words.

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