NBC Seasons Black History Month Lunch With Racism

image Above is a photo taken by  Questlove, drummer for the Roots, NBC employee, and leader of the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon band.  He posted the image on twitter. Well, it didn’t take long for the Black History month racism to begin did it?   I wonder where the watermelon and malt liquor is? Also, I think Black folk put cayenne in their cornbread and not jalapeno.

I suppose the other eleven months a year they serve White food.   Of course White food consists of what everyone really eats.  It has been so normalized that there is no need to label it White food, it is simply understood as such.  Everyone knows that White people don’t eat fried chicken.

Kevin Goldman the NBC’s vice-president of communications had this to say on twitter, “The sign in the NBCU cafeteria has been removed. We apologize for anyone who was offended by it.”

He apologized so it’s all better right?  Here’s the deal, every year we celebrate Black History Month and every year Whiteness finds a way to center itself in the conversation through racist thoughts or deeds.  Instead of elevating Blacks, more often than not, Black History Month has become a tool which is used to denigrate Blacks.

Ideally Black History month should be a time to give voice to those whom society has chosen to silence, however; it is regularly used to assert difference thereby reifying an outsider status for Blacks.  “Othering” is not celebrating or uplifting.

I am quite sure the special meal was planned to give White people a warm and fuzzy feeling.   Gee look how progressive we are, we’re going to eat Black folk food and herein lies the problem.   For the other eleven months of the year there isn’t even the slightest pretence of equality and the one month  that is dedicated to uplifting Blacks is still centered quite a bit on Whiteness.  There isn’t even a real attempt to get it and by doing these racist displays of inclusivity, it forces Blacks to once again be on the defence.  Not even during Black History month do we get a break from explaining to Whiteness about the racism that it engages in daily.  Whiteness does not intend to learn from Black History month but it will take the liberal street cred for pretending to care.  I can just here it now, we promote racial diversity, we even served black eyed peas in February.

Enough already. 

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