My Genital Affirmation

I came across this awesome youtube video, and since I believe in sharing, please enjoy.  As always, you will find the transcript below the fold.


First things first, my vagina prefers male pronouns. If you don’t understand that, then you probably won’t understand anything my vagina has to say and should probably stop playing this clip right now. My vagina is tired of the people who assume that because I’m a man, I must hate my vagina.  He is not hated. He does not hate himself. My masculinity and my vagina live together in harmony.  Yes, sometimes they fight. Sometimes they get along fine, but regardless they always do and always will cohabit as me. 

My vagina knows that he will be asked over and over again, “if he is still living down there, and if he is, how he’s doing”?  He’s fine. I love my vagina and the history that he represents – the strength, power, potential life that all vaginas represent.   I’m saying that he’s proud to be a vagina.  My vagina can take a lot and since he is connected to my hips and my thighs, he can give even more. He can give even more. My vagina has grown accustomed to tentative bewildered hands and mouths fumbling.  He does not expect anyone to know how to handle him at first contact, or even know how to address him without proper instructions.  Don’t worry, he will instruct you; he just wants an open mind.  What he wants and what he need sometimes changes from day to day.  My vagina wants to be listened to and heard, understood, and validated.

My vagina knows that he is misunderstood and wondered about; he is used to it.  Don’t think he doesn’t hear what people are saying; he hears it.  My vagina recognizes that many people think that I am weak and less than other men because he is a part of me.  Sometimes this gets to him. Sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes he is frustrated and angry.  Sometimes he is just happy to be alive.  My vagina is silent and he is sick of his silence. My vagina is invisible and he is sick of his invisibility. My vagina is ashamed and hidden but doesn’t want to be.  I am all man. I am all man. I am all man and I love my vagina. I am all man and I love my vagina.

I loved this video because I thought it was a proclamation of self, in a world that privileges cis gender bodies.  It questions what it means to be understood as male/masculine, and asks us to step away from the idea that gender equals biology.  For me, this video really challenged my privilege in areas that I thought that I had already overcome, once again reminding me that decolonizing one’s mind is an ongoing project.  What did you think of the video, and did you find that it challenged any assumptions you had about gender?

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