My Body Your Business

My friend and I often talk about old island phrases as we are both descendents of the Caribbean.  The following question is one of my favourite phrases:

Did they take your body to do their business?

This is a question I believe we should all start asking ourselves.  If you think about it, it is rather apt. 

We place moral judgement on others as though we are directly affected by the decisions that the make.  If someone is having sex with someone of the same sex, how are you involved?  You are not being asked to witness the act, and you are not being asked to participate; therefore they are not taking your body to do their business.

If a woman is choosing to have sex with multiple partners, why slut shame her?  Why go out of your way to make her feel less than? She is not taking your body to do her business.

The same applies to abortion.  While you might find the idea morally repugnant, it once again does not effect you.  No one in the west will force you to have an abortion against your will.  You will not be asked to participate in the procedure whatsoever.  So once again…how is it your business if a woman wants to control her rate of reproduction?  She is not taking your body to do her business,

People plain and simple need to learn what is and isn’t there business.  Advocating to bring an end to the freedom of others or placing judgement on their behaviour is wrong.  Of all the things that we could concern ourselves with, deciding that what someone does with their own body should not be high on the list.

If an old woman across town is hungry, that should be your business.  Seeing the shadow on the face of a child that is being beaten, or emotionally abused, that should be your business.  Noticing that your neighbour is starving and neglecting her/his pet, that should be your business. 

Of course when it is a call to action, on the side of human good, that is when people discover their selfishness.  This is often the time when we become to busy with other more important matters.  This is the time when we decide oh no this is not our business.  When it means that we have to sacrifice some of our privilege and care about another, we collectively decide it is not our business

The next time you sit and think about what is and isn’t your business, take the time to reflect upon whether it is based on a desire to express power and enforce  morality upon another, or if it will benefit the common good.

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