Muslim Woman To Submissive To Be French

Over the past years there have been many incidents proving the high level of xenophobia in France.  More often than not the group that is targeted for ostracisation are Muslims.   It was French courts that annulled a marriage when a woman admitted to not being a virgin, and now A Muslim woman has been denied citizenship because her practice of Islam is deemed to be counter to French culture.

It seems even though the French Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, apparently the court saw fit to draw the line at women who wear burkas and are submissive to the male members of their families.  According to the Council of State, “She has adopted a radical practice of her religion, incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes.” She is married to a French national, and has three children of French citizenship.

So the question is, who exactly is worthy of the honour of being French?  Submission to males is not a uniquely Muslim trait.  Many women are submissive to the husbands that beat them for fear of their lives.  For some women, submission to the forces of patriarchy is all that is keeping them alive. Are they too be punished for this?  Many women have internalized female hatred simply because society promotes women as second class citizens, are they worthy of exclusion as well?

This  is a convenient adaptation of gender inequality to support racism. Women matter when it is convenient. This incident is no different than the US government citing the abuse that Afghani women were living under during the Taliban regime to support their invasion.  When the Taliban were in power and womens groups were up in arms about the rape and mass murder of women, the US government did not attack them, no they invited them to the White House on a state visit.  The possibility of an Oil pipeline was more important than the lives of women. 

Gender equality cannot be used as a justification for evil. If you truly believe in the equality of the sexes, it can only proved by taking actions that do not  marginalize, exploit or demean women in any way.  Denying citizenship to this woman is simply a cover for the rising anti-Muslim feelings in French society. It is unacceptable, and it is wrong.  There was a time when France stood for democracy and was a beacon to the world, today it represents repression of the worst sort. 

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