MRA Apology

Let me start off by saying that the post MRA Infestation and Glenn Sacks Worshipers was a response to my disgust with the commentary on a post I wrote entitled, MRA Glenn Sacks Applies Pressure to Domestic Violence Shelter.   I wrote the infestation post in great anger and it caused me to use language that was unacceptable.

As much as I find your hate and your positions vile, I had no right to dehumanize another human being by calling you cockroaches, and for this I apologize.

As a person who truly believes in the goodness and worth of each human being walking the planet, I failed to live up to my convictions by using such inflammatory language to prove a point.  As I believe in owning my mistakes publicly, I am issuing this  refutation of the “othering” that I engaged in. 

I will never agree that your movement is anything other than an attempt to maintain white male, heterosexist, abelist, racist privilege, but a reduction in our common humanity was not necessary to make that point. 

Thanks to Ampersand over at Alas a Blog, who really gave me cause to think on a post written regarding Mormons, I have been able to see the ways in which I made a critical error.  

Once again let me state for the record that I find your positions vile but reducing your humanity was wrong. 

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