More Republican Hypocrisy: Palin Is Hot


Isn’t this promotional button simply precious?  The republicans and their mouth pieces over at FOX news have been quick to announce to the world that Palin is the victim of sexism.  Their new found gender sensitivity is a remarkable change from the way that they treated HRC during her historic run.

So how do these newly liberated feminist men celebrate their ultra conservative colluding woman potential VP? They create a button calling her hot. This button was worn at the RNC where she made her international debut.  With all of the values that they want us to associate with Palin, I find it interesting that they are quick to remind everyone that she is the babe on the ticket.

Sexism is wrong if anyone else is doing it, but when a republican points out Palins sex appeal, it is just another selling feature.  It’s like saying, look vagina over here, vagina over here, did you notice that we have a vagina on the ticket.  She’s all woman too, so you don’t have to consider her record, morals, experience, or principles. The republicans are under the impression that they only need to feign equality not practice it.  So for all of you who are in doubt, Palin is a woman and therefor all that you need to  think about is what a beautiful decoration she will make at all of the state dinners.

H/T Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was smart like me, I had been looking for an image of this damn button from the minute I first spotted it.

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