Michelle Obama

Ms.Obama spoke eloquently in defense of her husband. Michelle made it clear, that she did not want to come across as the woman standing behind her man. I liked this, as often political wives are viewed as accouterments. When she continues in her praise, Barrack tried to cut her off. Michelle made it clear, that she was aware that he was attempting to silence her, and continued speaking. Though she said that he was trying to stop her because he was embarrassed, I believe that it is important to take note that not even a presidential candidate can silence this woman.

Often when women speak we are interrupted by men. It is assumed that we have nothing of value to add to any conversation. What a man has to say often takes primacy. I applaud Ms.Obama for publicly declaring her right to speak. The next time you are interrupted by a man when you are speaking, regardless of the reason, have the courage to finish your thought. What we as women have to say is just as valuable as any man.

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