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image  I am huge fan of this woman, in case you have not already guessed that.  As the election moves along I predict we will see an increase in the number of attacks, directed at her. These attacks will not be based on her belief system, or her unwavering support of her husband, no they will based on her having the audacity to be a simply splendid, inspiring, educated, intelligent, courageous, eloquent woman of color. How dare Michelle not fit herself squarely into the Jezebel, or Mammy role?  This is how racist whites are comfortable viewing WOC.  More than ever in the following months it is important that WOC, and our allies speak out against the disgusting smear campaign that is being directed at her.  It is fine to address the issues, but racist and sexist commentary,  or depictions and or portrayals to uphold white male patriarchy are UNACCEPTABLE.

Whether or not you intend to vote for OBAMA or not, it is your duty as a WOC to say to the world, we will not stand quietly by while you demonize one of our worthy sisters for your own personal gain.  It has been well documented that black women occupy the bottom rung of the racial, and social hierarchy, and we will remain there unless we can unite in a struggle against those who would create us as less than, or some how deficient by nature. We know our struggles and we know our worth, and it is time to let the world know that they had better start acknowledging our value, and our demand to be heard. Do not go gently my sisters, scream as though your very life depended on it, because someday it just might.

A new site has been constructed, and it is called the MICHELLE OBAMA WATCH.  Please go and familiarize your self with it.  This is not one of those “fan” pages.  The author seeks to document and protest, every single act of racism and sexism that is aimed at Michelle.  To join the fight, we need to be informed, and the Michelle Obama Watch is the best place to start. Let’s show these people what we can do. 

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