Michael Moore On Rachel Maddow

Those of you following the #MooreandMe thread on twitter, might be interested to know that Moore appeared on Maddow last night.  Since not everyone has cable, I thought that I would post it for you.

Transcript starting at 07:25

Micheal Moore:  Now I know nothing about what happened between Mr.Assange and these two women, and I have to say quite clearly, and I’ve been a huge advocate of this.  Now when I was 19 years old I helped start the first rape crises centre in Flint Michigan, so this has been a very serious issue for me for a very long time.  Every woman who claims to be sexually assaulted or raped has to be, must be taken seriously and those charges have to be investigated to the fullest extent possible.  And for too long, to many women have been abused in our society because they weren’t listened to and they just got shoved aside or whatever. It was just…whatever… older people in here remember the way it used to be.  It’s not that much better now.  It got a little better because of the woman’s movement made that happen.  So I think these two alleged victims have to be treated very seriously and Mr.Assange has to answer the questions.  That’s not what’s at issue here.  I am much more concerned that there’s a concerted attempt stop wikileaks. 

The following is the second part of the interview.

While Moore made it clear that regardless of what good Wikileaks has done, that the charges of rape and sexual molestation must be investigated, he did not address his comments regarding, rape in Sweden consisting of sex with a broken condom.  I further feel that he continues to push the issue aside, to point out the necessity of having wikileaks in operation.  What are your thoughts on his interview with Maddow?

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