Michael Eric Dyson Tells the Truth About Fox News Sellout Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is a vile man.  Not only is he a disgusting sexist, he is the absolute definition of sell out.  He is absolutely Uncle Ruckus come to life and would probably rejoice if he woke up tomorrow as a White man.  Peterson makes up statistics about how Blacks hate Whites and essentially nods his head in agreement with every damn thing so-called Fox News Pundits say.  This is a man who has in the past said that Blacks were better off during Jim Crow.  Finally fed up with him, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson told the hard truth about Peterson backstage after their appearance on the BET show, Don’t Sleep with TJ Holmes   I doubt it will change a damn thing that the man does, but at least we are getting public acknowledgement that his type of self hating vitriol is damaging and should not be accepted as legitimate discourse.

transcript is below the fold

Well look, I am always open to different view points spoken intelligently, with passion, even with a serious kind of vigor but always with honesty. Now what we saw to me was an honest expression of Black self hatred in action. This is a man who believes on going on White television shows, especially Fox, parroting the party line that Black people are somehow racist. First of all, get your language right. Racism presupposes the ability to control a significant percentage of the population  through imposed policies corrosively. Black people may be bigots, we may be prejudice; we’re not racist. In order to be racist, White men would have to be hung just for being White men, or for looking at Black women the wrong way. So, there’s no parallel between White racism and Black racism number one.  Number two, Jesse Lee Peterson has a disparaging viewpoint about most Black people. Where are his numbers coming from?  What are the statistical data suggests 96% of Black people are racist and voted for Barrack Obama merely because he’s Black? So when White people vote for a White candidate – when most White people vote for a White candidate, when there’s only White people in the race and White people vote for them, are White people therefore ineluctably, unavoidably racist for voting for a White candidate?   The logic of that is bewildering and befuddling to me.  Number three, this is condescending to Black people who watch BET.  Why is it that you come to our neck of the woods and parrot these kind of vicious lies, without having any evidence to support it and without being open to the fact that Black people are like White people, we make choices based upon our self interest that drives our politics? So, I’m just stunned and in one sense just embarrassed of him to appear on a station that caters to the perspectives of Blacks and the broader America, with a person so self hating, so ignorant, so gleefully unintelligent and unmolested by enlightenment that he has to spew that kind of nonsense.  If I had more time, I would tell you what I really thought.

There is nothing I can add to this beyond saying that what Dr. Michael Eric Dyson had to say was absolute pure truth!

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