The Mehnz Love Womens Spaces: Beware The MRA Invasion

I ran across another link from Glenn king of the MRA misogynists. (once again, google if interested I don’t link to men like Sacks) It seems the trolls are busy celebrating because the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento ruled in Woods. v. Shewry that California’s exclusion of men from domestic violence services violates men’s constitutional equal protection rights.

Yes the mehnz are gloating and circle jerking their way to ecstasy.  I can feel the bile rising and creeping even as I write this.  For a true victim of DV, obviously I feel concern and sympathy, but lets be clear, we do not live in a society where men are the ones that are routinely the victims of abuse.  Just because it happens to men, in no way means that they makeup the majority of the victims, no matter what MRA lies get spun.  There aren’t enough illicit drugs on the planet to turn their fantasies into a believable reality.

DV shelters are an outcome of radical feminist organizing.  They are a response to the centuries of violence that women have been subject to at the hands of men that claim to love them.  For many, they are a place of sanctuary and safety and to have them triggered by the presence of yet another man is unconscionable.

On one hand the MRA are quick to speak about women leaving shelters because of ill treatment, it seems however the treatment is not had enough for them to accept their exclusion.

This is not about providing a safe space for men, this is about ending a safe space for women.  The MRA are not interested in creating domestic violence shelters, that cater specifically to men.  They are well aware that such an effort would be extremely expensive and yield little results, as men do not make up the majority of DV victims.

Men are over represented in the homeless population.  They are desperately in need of clothing and shelter.  Often products donated are clothing for women and children, and men routinely get left out of the loop.  This is a space where the MRA could conceivably work for change, and make a huge difference in the lives of men living on the margins; however building shelters, job training, counselling and outreach for homeless men are not high on their agenda, because it does not take anything away from women.

They claim that feminists are about gender wars and setting one sex against another, and yet they routinely work against their own interest to maintain a false hierarchy that in the end hurts their own members.  The MRA are racist/classist/sexist/homophobic trolls that do nothing but feed the psychopathic hatred that some men have of women.

A true mens movement would be interested in the needs of all men, not just the ones that exist with race and class privilege.  The idea that an MRA movement is even needed is one of the most ridiculous suppositions I have ever come across. Men control ever social institution, and every path to real power; and yet we are to believe that they are disenfranchised as a group.  The MRA should really get into the business of swamp salesmen because they certainly know how to pitch bullshit; it might save them all from drowning on their unacknowledged privilege.

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