McCain and His Slave Roots

image Well, well, well, it seems senator McCain has some black roots.  According the  South Florida Times, the black members of the McCain family do not accept the blood is thicker than water adage and will be voting for Obama this election. What’s this you say black relatives?

That’s right, just like many American families, the McCains owned slaves.   His black relatives are either the result of the illicit union of the McCains and the slaves that they owned, or descendants of the McCain family slaves.  John McCain’s very blood is a legacy of the cruel institution that to this day continues to play a role in the disenfranchisement of African Americans.  

Though this is an ugly legacy for anyone to face, many families that have both a black and white branch have come together to try and heal the wounds of the past.   The McCain family reunites every two years at the Teoc community of Carroll County, Miss., with one notable absence.  Any guesses as to who cannot be bothered to show his face?  John McCain even went as far as to claim in 2000, that he had no black relatives.

“Why he hasn’t come is anybody’s guess,” said Charles McCain Jr., 60, a distant cousin of John McCain who is black. “I think the best I can come up with, is that he doesn’t have time, or he has just distanced himself, or it doesn’t mean that much to him.”

If this man cannot acknowledge his links with his African American ancestry, is it any wonder that he seems to have no problem participating in race baiting in his bid to be elected president? 

Since many of his supporters are determined to cast Obama as an ‘other’ because of his mixed raced heritage, perhaps there is a fear of rejection on the part of McCain.  What would happen to the support he receives from his neo-white sheet wearing clan if they found out that their great white hope was not as white as they thought?  They are after all counting on John McCain to defend their whiteness.   

John McCain would have us believe that he is not a racist because of his adopted Bangledeshi daughter; however loving one individual who has brown skin does not stop an individual from hating the rest of brown peoples.  His daughter cannot function as his anti-racist I.D card, and in fact using her body in this way only serves to highlight his degree of contempt for the non white peoples of this world. 

This election is not a simple contest between to adversaries professing opposing viewpoints.  Though Obama is a centrist with a platform that could hardly be called transformative, the degree of the vituperative commentary is directly a result of white fear. For John McCain a black man is not welcome to run his country, nor is he welcome in his family. 

Photo: Lillie McCain, left, and her husband, Jack Dickers, right, pose with Joe McCain, center, during this year’s family reunion. The Photo was taken by ELGIN JONES 

H/T Black Political Thought.


Editors Note: The birth place of McCains daughter was erroneous in the original post and this has been changed to reflect the truth.

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