Mayonnaise and Men Kissing Are A No No

Heinz decided to take a leap of faith in equal representation, and make a commercial with two men kissing. While I don’t like the idea that it presents the couple in binary roles, I do highly approve of a same gender kiss being presented as no big deal, and just a part of life. Faced with  huge resistance, Heinz has since pulled the commercial from the air. Even though the recent decision in California to allow same sex marriage was a great milestone for gay rights, back lashes like this prove how far we still have to go. It amazes me that with all of the sexist, racist and violent imagery, one consumes on an average day watching television, that a simple kiss should cause such angst and revulsion. People really need to get their priorities straight. Love is never harmful, it only uplifts and causes us to transcend human urges for baser things.

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