Maricopa County Sheriffs Office: When The Truth Hurts

Even if we were to give them the benefit of the doubt, if their statements were at all true they would be the only policing agency in the United States without racist officers.  What are the chances that this rare anomaly is run by Arpaio?  Anyone want to  buy some swampland?

I think it is particularly touching how they inform us that they are protecting the US from the invading dark masses from the south.  What a threat these poor illegal immigrants pose to safety and civilization with their aspirations of escaping poverty and earning enough to feed their families. 

Of course we should believe they are not racist, after all they are white police officers and who better to judge whether or not they engage in activities that involving profiling and harassment than them.  We certainly cannot expect to hear the truth from “the illegal’s,” who risk deportation just by daring to file a complaint.  Whiteness is always unbiased about its behaviour.  If only we loud mouth activists who seem to suffer under the belief that no ones human and constitutional rights should be violated would  just shut the hell up so that the sheriffs office could round people up in peace. 

The very simple fact, is that if one does not want to be accused of being a racist, refusing to participate in behaviour that is racist would go along way to ending that charge.  The problem is that these men and women do not want to be held accountable for their actions.   Though calling someone a racist has become a very emotionally charge, accusation, racism is pervasive throughout this society and is hardly an irregularly held belief.  It permeates every single agent of socialization and regularly we are encouraged to validate our dissonance in worth and value.  Though in some instances we have been taught not to act consciously on it; the truth of matter is that whether purposefully or on an unconscious level we constantly make decisions, act or fail to act based in prejudice and a desire to maintain unearned privilege.  Whiteness can never decide if an act is racist or not because there will always be a conflict of interest. 

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