Marcus Bachmann's First Spouse Agenda Is Of Course Homophobic

Okay, can I just say that only in the U.S. could a woman like Michelle Bachmann be considered a candidate for office. This is not to say that Canada does not have it’s share of homophobes, because it most certainly does, but I cannot imagine an elected leader campaigning the way these two have and then being taken seriously. All right, back to the hateful couple from hell.

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“I’ve decided my cause is not going to be happy meals,” he said during a stop at the Family Table Restaurant here, apparently a dig at Mrs. Obama.

“We are going to be the message-givers,” said Mr. Bachmann, who runs a Christian counseling service that has been accused of trying to “heal” gays by persuading them to become heterosexual.

“We are going to get this message across,” he said. “Marriage is between one man and one woman. We are going to promote families.” (source)

This man is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he?  Don’t you love how he managed to include a dig to Michelle Obama while pushing his homophobic agenda?  He isn’t promoting families, he is encouraging second class citizenship for gays and lesbians, because it helps maintain his privilege. Same sex couples have been getting married for quite sometime in Canada, and I can tell you that has not impeded straight people trotting down the aisle or getting divorced.  What it has however meant is greater benefits for gays and lesbians in terms of being able to have their spouses recognized legally as next of kin, and this of course means like the ability to add their spouses to benefit packages through their employment, and being able to receive survivor benefits through the government.  For all of the gains that have occurred, the one thing I can say for certain is though gays and lesbians can walk down the aisle, homophobia has not lessened.  Gays and lesbians are still subject to harassment, subjected to slurs and beatings, as well as discrimination in employment and housing.  If Bachmann is worried that same sex marriage will bring about a revolution that will lead to the fulfillment of the so-called gay agenda, and the reduction of his fascist Christian privilege, he can rest easy.  I speak from experience when I say that this will not happen, as a citizen of a country that has had same sex marriage for quite some time. 
I have gum stuck to my shoe that is more appealing than this man.  Allowing same sex marriage is about assuring that all people have the same rights under the law.  Yeah, the law, the thing that is supposed to be impartial and apply to everyone across the board.  
I have not always agreed to Michelle Obama’s approach to her agenda, but who could reasonably argue the fact that children receiving proper nutrition and getting exercise is a good thing for society?  There are entire communities that exist as food deserts, where one is more likely to find a payday advance location,  or a liquor store, than a head of broccoli.  There are communities where a tomato is a foreign object, or is so unreasonably priced that it makes it outside of a family’s ability to afford.  I don’t understand the desire to belittle this agenda. Oh but then again, the Bachmann’s are so over loaded with privilege, they can afford to buy whatever food delights their taste buds.  
The very fact that Marcus can belittle an attempt to introduce a healthy diet and exercise, to instead promote homophobia as a family agenda, tells you he is absolutely out of touch with what families today really need.  Either one of my sons could come out tomorrow and I wouldn’t give a damn beyond their happiness in their relationship of choice; however, if I suddenly could not afford to provide them with healthy options to eat, it would concern me greatly. 
It is so damn obvious that in this very short quote, Marcus chose to engage in the classic divide and conquer routine.  That’s right people, get on track, protect your privilege, hate on gays and lesbians, and while you are at, ignore the fact that your children are malnourished.  Only a Republican asshat could link these two and still think that that their shit does not stink. Unfortunately, there will be some people who are so engaged in looking for someone to oppress that they will buy into this suggestion, while ignoring the real problems that plague their families and their communities.  This amounts to active participation in our own oppression.  In an equality minded world, Marcus would long have been ushered off the stage so that the adults could tackle the real problems of this world.  
I promise you that gay people getting married is a civil rights issue, and if we care even remotely about living in a just world, allowing their continued second class citizenship should be considered wrong.  I further submit to you that pretending that continuing hatred is more important than children who are walking around malnourished is dangerous and ultimately detrimental to society.  What the people who accept and support Marcus’ statement need to realise, is that gays/lesbians and children constitute historically marginalized groups, and as such are vulnerable. Only an asshole sees fit to attack either group, to maintain a privilege that never should have existed in the first place.
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