Malkin: Obama is a ‘racial opportunist’

Racial opportunist indeed. Does this woman own a mirror?  She would not be where she is today were she not an internalizing fool.  This woman has made a career out of identity politics; in which she regularly argues the position of over privileged White men who would be more than happy to throw her to the wolves.   I suppose she believes that since she was able to achieve success by “tomming,” that all POC should be willing to behave in a similar manner.  I will agree that achieving success and financial security is something that many desire but the cost that Malkin pays is far to high.

White neocons want Obama to ensure them that they are not facing a revolution.  They want to believe that the current change in population demographics will not lead to a reduction of their power or authority but despite being president of the United States he can not assure them that the crimes of their ancestors will not indeed be their Achilles’ heel.  They will never state so explicitly but what they want from an Obama administration to prove that their is indeed a possibility of a great White hope.

Even when he focused on being as racially non threatening as possible, they still believed an anger was simmering just beneath the surface ready to consume  them.   You will note, that just recently Limbaugh referred to Obama as an angry Black man, as though any rage he may feel  would be illegitimate. 

The talking points currently are all race based.  From throwing the race card, to angry; White republicans are displaying their fear and hatred at every opportunity.   They fail to see that the same charges that they levy at the Obama administration are more rightfully left at their doorstep.  Like a dying man grasping for breathe, they seek to pull all into a vortex of anger and frustration.  The legacy of Whiteness that they were promised at birth seems somehow less brilliant, in a world were people of color are continually demanding that our rights be respected and it is this that is the root of their continual ferocious attacks upon the Obama administration and all POC. 

The identity politics that the  neocons practice is only acceptable when it is in the service of White hegemony.  Should a POC at anytime assert their worth, they are immediately delegitimized because equality is detrimental to their position.  They speak about meritocracy as though it were a fact and not a figment of imagination.  Generation after generation the old White boys club has worked to ensure that capitol and prestige has been transferred between White hands and yet this not understood as affirmative action.  What the hell would you call the presidency of George Bush but affirmative action run amok? When a man graduates thank you laude, after being a legacy student, runs failed business after failed business, and then somehow manages to become president of the United States, clearly this is White privilege in action.  

Malkin is more than willing to ignore that the Bush administration looked like a dinner invitation list to the George H. Bush residence.  No cronyism there.  Of course, George W  did have the self hating Condi to back up his inclusive claims but what greater way is there to police the inmates, than by having a fellow inmate lead the charge?  Makin, like other people of color who take her position are on the wrong side of history. There was a time in which it was advantageous to perhaps play the game but the tide is turning and the rules are changing.  Limbaugh et al may shout and rattle their cages but they have no power to stop the inevitable.  Martin Luther Kings dream shall be realized and we all shall sing, free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I am free at last. 

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