The Lynching of Eminem


This image was created by Stackhouse records and was not approved by Eminem or his record label.  Stackhouse makes remixes of artists work and this image accompanied one created for Eminem.

Clearly there are multiple levels of wrong with what they are trying to show.  You will note the inversion of the KKK robes from white to black suggesting that Whiteness is under attack by Blackness.  This is a theme that has been played upon many times to defend the systemic racism that is pervasive in the American, white supremacist state.  You can see this same theme played out over the irrational fear that is displayed over so-called illegal immigration.  It’s not America that is on fire; it is the white mans ability to trade on his undeserved advantages to demean and exploit bodies of color.

Eminiem in this image is more than just the ignorant rapper that we have come to know; he represents all white men and the supposed struggles that they are presently undergoing.  To view this image is to see the ridiculous taunts of reverse racism come to life.  What is this but a visual complaint about things like affirmative action, the election of a black president or the supposed requirement that one use “PC speech” in reference to visible minorities?  What Whiteness sees as an incursion on free speech or meritocracy, is simply a reduction in the ability to act without consequence. 

Even though we have undergone some social changes, we are far from a state of equality.   Left wing fauxgressives allow the words of MLK to drip from their lips even as they publicly advocate for white privilege.  It is the ultimate act of hypocrisy and yet any rage that we display is divisive. We all bleed the same red blood, except that the blood that is most often shed belongs to people of color.

From the mendacious “race card” to the angry black woman, whiteness acts positively in its defence.  There can never be enough proof offered by people of color to constitute a legitimate reason for our continued disaffection with the system under which we all live.  Privilege means being able to ignore facts, statistics and lived experience to explain why whiteness should remain the center of all conversations, social institutions and activities. Even this space ,which is meant to be a safe space for all marginalized bodies constantly receives comments that are easily reducible to “what about teh white peoplez”. There is a word uglier than racist; it is privilege

H/T Racialicious

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