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image Well it’s Friday, time to get ready to relax, and throw off the stress of the week.  I am going to share with you some of the great links that I found this week.  Please take the time to check them out, and if you wrote something spectacular yourself that I missed, don’t be afraid to drop your link in the comment section.

The N Word Please Use It Anyway You Can

Truth is, as a people, we Black folk have got nothing on white folks, who gave us such pejoratives as (avert your eyes) prick, cunt, bitch, kike, wop, dago, gooks, jungle bunny, sand niggers (appropriate for use in sunny Baghdad), jiggaboo (my all-time favourite), porch monkey, wetback and the like. The best race and gender related comeback we have? Whitey, cracker (and crackah or cracka) and hoe (which should be disqualified as a riff on an existing favourite).

The E-Visible Woman

So that’s why I wear a bra. Patriarchy and the shame it instills in women about their own bodies. Shame about breast shape is a lot harder for me to get over than shame over body hair. Maybe because I can cover my legs and my armpits and my vulva (and in Scottish weather – I nearly always do!) and no one knows how hairy I am – but my breasts are always right there, plain as the eye can see.

The Dilemma Of Virginity Restoration

“French Muslim women are increasingly defying the restrictions and repression men try to enforce, and leading full, modern lives — including sexually,” says Dounia Bouzar, whose recent book Allah, My Boss, and Me explores Islam in the French workplace. “The one time they feel obliged to make a concession to outdated attitudes is with the marital requirement of virginity — a purely macho tradition that has no basis in Islam, and is certainly nothing courts should be respecting. This surgery is unfortunate, though it is a way for women who have insisted on living their own lives to avoid punishment under a backward custom.”

Michelle Obama And The Politics Of Hair

America expects the wife of Barack Obama, the man who wants to be president, to project an image of sophistication and near perfection. That image includes having hair that doesn’t make waves.

It’s A Crisis

Unfortunately, because many African-American female rape victims do not want to perpetuate racial stereotypes about the black male rapist (created and used by white mobs to justify the lynching of economically and politically mobile black men) and the black male criminal (now used to maintain racial disparities in the criminal justice system), they often do not press charges against their assailants because they fear further criminalizing African-American men.

I Can’t Deal With Her: Black and White Women In The Movement

I grew up in the South where white women were “Ms. Anne” the pillar and post of a segregated society and black women were expected to bend to their power and every command in the kitchen and all areas of society. When black women refused to accommodate this white female supremacist structure, white women acted as ruthless as white men in pushing us in our places. This is the only kind of white woman I knew before I joined the southern Freedom Movement in the 60s.

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