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Ok, the following are some articles that caught my attention this week.  I suggest you check them all out, they are definitely worth the read.  Then head on image over to the comment section and practice a little self love by promoting your best posts for the week.  I look forward to reading what everyone blogged about.

I would like to remind everyone that I am still accepting submission for Tell it – WOC Speak Carnival.  Please make your submissions here. They can be about anything that you deem important, race gender, family, personal stories decide.  What is important is that we send our collective voices out there and demand that we be heard! The submission date is June 25, and I will post the carnival here at womanist musings on July 1. The homepage for the carnival can be found here.  Articles submitted by allies will also be accepted.

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Don’t Do That


Mammy, Aunt Jemima and the Welfare Queen may be collectively understood as a type. All three are typically depicted as fat, dark-skinned women whose uniforms include an apron and a kerchief covered head. Larger than life, their bodies are supposed to be de-sexualized, as they do not conform to the (white) norm of humanity and of idealized womanhood. Although the Welfare Queen is understood to be sexually undesirable, her many children indicate that she is a sexual being. The Mammy and Aunt Jemima icons are interchangeable in their desirability as the nurturer of other (white) people’s children. They are paradoxically sexually undesirable, yet sexual beings.

The Female Impersonator
Dear, Conservatives, I’m Pro Abortion! And You Know What That Makes You?

So here it is, for everyone who cares to know: I’m Pro-Abortion. I don’t dress my opinions up with fancy terms like “pro-choice” to distance my stance from the fact that I am supporting the systematic termination of a pregnancy that will result in the “death” of a fetus, embryo, fertilized egg, or a sack of cells that might be a human depending on your political agenda.

Brown Sugar
The Strong Black Woman is Dead

On August 15, 1999, at 11:55 p.m.,
while struggling with the reality
of being a human instead of a myth,
the strong black woman passed away.

Medical sources say she died of natural causes,
but those who knew her know she died
from being silent when she should have been screaming,
milling when she should have been raging,
from being sick and not wanting anyone to know
because her pain might inconvenience them.

The Curvature
What does it take

Is this about race? Um, yes. Absolutely. The fact that the victim is black has everything to do with the rape apologism surrounding this case and with the acquittal. Our racist/misogynistic society generally says that a black man accused of rape of a white girl/woman is clearly a natural born rapist. But a black man accused of raping a black girl/woman? Well she’s a natural born slut and liar..

Racial Suicide Bombers

Doing the rounds right now in conservative circles is the documentary Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family, an alarmist documentary that makes last year’s dark Children of Men look like a comedy. Screened by right-wing think tanks and pro-life organizations, it argues that the only way to combat the disappearance of homo sapiens – as if we aren’t already killing ourselves by fouling our nest – is by bringing back “the intact married family,” eliminating extramarital sex and banning contraception.It always comes down to confining women, doesn’t it? The not-so-funny thing is, these people are constantly railing about how girls in less developed countries breed at a young age – which is, sadly, true – but complain about how women here wait too long, inviting fertility problems.

The f Word
Men Feminism Needs You

Entering a feminist space – whether that be commenting on a blog or attending a meeting – can pose some unique problems for men…The first thing we want to start with is basic courtesy. This one’s important for commenters of all genders. Every community has a different threshold of what language is considered acceptable, and lurking for a while can give a good indication of what works in a particular area. Feminist sites are usually frank about anatomical terms (appropriately used) and even slang, but considering the pejorative appropriation of many of them, it pays to be on the safe side, especially if you are a male commenter.
There’s just something more suspicious if someone presenting as male uses certain words, even if we as women try to reclaim them (words like ‘cunt’ come to mind, but there are others). This is because these words are used in the rest of the world and internet as a means of silencing, insulting and intimidating women, often – but not always – by men. Sarcasm and satire aren’t always easy to get across, so it’s probably safer not to start flinging around gendered insults.

Muslimah Media Watch
Sexuality and women’s honor: there isn’t a link

An even more important point is that the Qur’an unequivocaly speaks out against connecting women’s honor with their sexuality. As was previously discussed on the blog, the Qur’an makes it difficult, if not impossible, to even prosecute for zina since most people do not have intercourse in front of four witnesses. In addition, the Qur’an also forbids speculating on a woman’s sexuality. So you can’t even start spreading rumors about it. Thus, a woman’s virginity should be a non-issue for Muslims, just as a man’s virginity is never an issue. Which is why it is so disturbing that these women have to prove to their spouses and their families that they are still virgins.

What About Our Daughters

Did Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Walmart and GM Pull advertising from BET? Maybe But Don’t Tell Nobody

This would be a HUGE story. P&G is the largest advertiser in the world. Wal-mart, GM AND PEPSI.. that’s HUGE. It is also newsworthy to know which advertisers have stayed ( Looking at you McDonalds). But I haven’t seen a single article about this. So who is the purported secrecy protecting? The advertisers? BET? The advocates? because I know they aren’t protecting Black women, men and children.

Latina Teacher Fired For Not Regurgitating The Same Old Crap

Keeping American students in the dark about America’s wrongdoings, keeping Latino, Black and other students of color from truly understanding their histories in the U.S. – that’s all key to maintaining white supremacy and white privilege in this country. If students need to go out of their way to learn the truth, they’re less likely to get angry about it, less likely to do something about it. That’s why community education is so crucial – to teach kids and adults alike everything that the schools are deliberately leaving out in an effort to exert control. And these elements of school curricula are so widespread, so normalized, so accepted that when an educator tries to break away from it even just a little, they’re the ones being accused of brainwashing students.

The Angry Black Bitch
By Request The Primate Connection

We are not post racial…we do not have a population that stumbles over racial imagery like fresh faced chil’ren who have never ever ever seen that shit used in a negative way and gosh, sure didn’t mean to say what they said when they did it.
These primate doll and monkey t-shirt people are not making a perfectly understandable mistake.
They are using imagery that is easily understood by the population they seek to reach.
For all the attempts to perfume it up with excuses and explanations, it stinks the same stink it did (insert last time some asshole used a primate to depict a black person who threatened their notion of racial superiority).

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