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Well it’s Friday, time to get ready to relax, and throw off the stress of the week.  I am going to share with you some of the great links that I found this week.  Please take the time to check them out, and if you wrote something spectacular yourself that I missed, don’t be afraid to drop your link in the comment section.

Random Babble: But, seriously, I keep seeing all of this mud slinging among feminists, or refusals of conversation b/t feminists, all based on the “my feminism is better than your feminism” and “that makes you a bad feminist” argument.  Seriously, people, knock it the fuck off.  We have enough dividing us, stop pissing in your sandbox.  Labels suck, especially when it prevents us from being productive.  It feels as though too many of us are doing our damnedest to silence each other for not adhering to their labels.  When we silence each other we lose.  When we turn on ourselves the patriarchy/kyriarchy (thanks, whatshername!) wins.

Oh, You’re A Feminist Punk: Much like white-privilege, male-privilege, hetero-privilege, and cis-privilege, there is an absolute amount of privilege that goes along with being conventionally attractive. This may be why there is such a divide within this conversation. Without putting words to it, are we all talking about the “what is beautiful is good” phenomenon?

The Feminist Texican: A undocumented, pregnant Mexican woman was detained after a traffic stop in a Nashville suburb.  She had been pulled over for “reckless driving,” and rather than issue a ticket upon discovering she did not have a license, the officer arrested her.  Within the next 6 days, she would be forced to give birth while her foot was cuffed to the bed as a sheriff stood guard, be refused the right to see her newborn son during the two days she had to stay at the hospital, be refused the right to see or speak to her husband, and then was not allowed to take a breast pump back to jail with her.  The result?  Her son quickly developed jaundice, and her breasts quickly became swollen with milk and infected.

The Root: Given the staggeringly high incidence of sexual violence in black communities it is fair to ask why this problem has not risen to the level of a crisis in the public consciousness They do it to turn on men.  Now there’s nothing wrong with turning on men, it’s one of of my favourite pastimes.  It’s the effects of this action which are objectionable. I’m specifically talking about the practice of heterosexual women kissing each other, usually in public places, expressly to attract and arouse men.

Argentina’s Illegal Abortions: (youtube) The abortion debate in Argentina is what this video is about. It claims 400 women die yearly from botched abortions. The catholic church is applying great pressure to keep abortion illegal.

Sandalstraps: It is, for instance, almost impossible and almost certainly unhealthy, to share a table with someone who denies your basic humanity, your fundamental right to exist. To ask gays and lesbians to come to the proverbial table with homophobes is a mark of the privilege of one who is not hated for having the audacity to exist. To ask racial and ethnic minorities to come to that same proverbial table with racists and white supremacists is a mark of that same privilege. In fact, to ask any victim of hate to sit at the table with their potential and actual abusers carries with it the real possibility of the perpetuation of abuse. One argument in defence of abortion which does not dispute the pro-life position that the foetus might have a right to live is the idea that such a right to life does not include a right to use the mother’s womb. Even if the foetus is accorded the same moral and legal status as a fully grown adult, that can’t alter a woman’s rights to decide what happens to her own body and the organs of her body. So if a woman can’t be forced to provide her body or organs for another to use, abortion has to remain legal.

Three Rivers Fog: I think we all know that POC are subject to a higher rate of violence and harassment than the population as a whole; for every minority status added, that figure rockets higher and higher. how many trans people of colour have been shunned, beaten, raped, killed? how many disabled lesbians? how many poor gay men? how many sex workers of any orientation?

the less a person conforms to the default normality, the less human they become, and thus the more subject to brutality, in an attempt by society to assert dominion.

Shihtzustaffs Blog: So, Scott Young, Mayor of Port Coquitlam was convicted for harrasing and stalking his former girlfriend. He pled guilty to two charges of assault and one charge of breaching an undertaking. He was arrested after assaulting his former girlfriend and her new partner at her home over the Easter weekend in 2007. He also breached an undertaking he had signed to stay away from her. And what did he get for his crimes? A 12 month conditional sentence and an 8 pm curfew which he does not have to obey if he has a council meeting!

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