The Life and Death of Goodfella's Henry Hill

I love the movie Goodfellas and can quote quite a bit of it.  I read today on TMZ that Henry Hill, the former mobster whose life became the focus of Goodfellas has passed on.

If you read the comment section of the piece in question, many people are quoting lines from the movie.  I wanted to share you two comments in particular that stood out, not because they were praising the Hollywood version of Hill’s life, but because they spoke such a hard truth.

No one chose to engage with this comments, but I think that they made an excellent point.  I can only think of one movie which even remotely glorified a Black criminal and that is American Gangster staring Denzel Washington, and this movie most certainly did not become part of the social consciousness.  I think that it tells us that Whiteness can mask a myriad of sins.  What are your thoughts on the glorification of Hill and what it says about criminality?
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