Levi and Bristol Are Engaged

I suppose we have to talk about this because it is a trending topic on twitter, and every where I turn, people are commenting about the engagement.   These two walked hand in hand during Sarah Palin’s bid for the VP job.  They then separated with Levi and Sarah engaging in an all out media war.  He posed for playboy palled around with Kathy Griffin, and basically whored himself out to any media outlet that would print or say his name. Throughout this time, his sweetie became a spokesperson for abstinence — because it clearly worked so well for her and enhanced mommy dearest political campaign.

The latest drama begins with Levi publicly apologizing to Sarah for airing the family dirty laundry publicly (Aww isn’t that sweet). And then today came the announcement in US magazine, that Bristol and Levie are engaged.  Of course, the piece is filled with mushy declarations of love.  But what really caught my attention with this:

“We got engaged two weeks ago,” Bristol, 19, tells Us Weekly. “It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents.”

Since John McCain introduced her mother, Sarah Palin to the world (a crime for which I believe he deserves hard labour), Bristol has had very few independent words come out of her mouth.  Do you remember when she told Greta Van Sustren that she didn’t believe in abstinence, and then miraculously changed her position to be re-born as the queen of waiting for marriage — even though she was already a mother?  I have to say kudos to Sarah’s marketing team on that metamorphosis, though it was probably relatively easy, because Bristol is White and oozing with class privilege.   I believe Bristol’s sudden change of position, proves that  mommy dearest is very much in control. Conservative families are stepford families; independent thinking is strictly verboten. When you build your public persona on feeding fundies anti-woman initiatives, it is hardly going to help your career having your own daughter announce to the world that what you claim to believe in so strongly is bunk.  No need to worry, it seems to have been only a temporary indoctrination glitch.

 At any rate, we are supposed to believe that Levi made his apology and then proposed without the long arm of his future mother in law steering him along and telling him exactly what he had to say to the press. Call me unromantic, but I believe that this is nothing more than another staged event to prepare for Sarah’s announcement that she is running for president. But, but, Bristol is really afraid of what her mommy will think of her coming nuptials.

 “It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be. Hopefully she will jump on board.,” says Bristol.

It seems that she really didn’t have to worry because Sarah, kind and forgiving woman that she is (yep that’s snark) had this to say:

“Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what’s best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives.”

Are you ready everyone? Awwww. Sarah is putting aside her personal reservations in the hope that it will make her daughter happy.  That’s what a real mom would do right?  Isn’t she just the awesomest, especially considering this was all a surprise to her.  You would have to suspend belief to be conned by this one.  Sarah, who has been known to hold grudges, just happens to show her softer side and forgive someone  who has been talking smack about her and shaming her family — and it has nothing to do with the fact that 2012 is fast approaching.  If you just ignore the puppet strings, you will see that this is real honest goodness modern day romance, with the bonus being that along the way you have the creations of Sarah the magnanimous and a brand new intact happy God fearing, woman hating, newspeak spouting White family to photograph. What’s not to love here?  Cue cupid, love sure does work in less than mysterious ways.

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