Leave Amber Cole Alone

Sunday night a video went viral of 14 year old Amber Cole having oral sex.  The fact that Amber is only 14 years old make the video child pornography, but that didn’t stop people from getting on their moral high horse to shame this young girl to kingdom come, while going on about how fast ass girls are the ruination of Black people as they circulated the video for more people to see. All of the shame directed at her is sexist, and plays into a narrative in which Black women are continually being shamed for being sexual beings.

I think what bothers me the most is that no one is talking about the young man in video.  This sexual act involves two people, but the only one being held up to ridicule is Amber.  Comments about how talented she was at fellatio, comparing her to porn actresses etc, were the norm.  Did anyone even consider that she may have been coerced into performing fellatio, or that the person who filmed the event did not have her permission to do so, or that even if she did consent to the filming, she wasn’t legally able to do so?  No, when the opportunity to shame Black women occurs people refuse to think about the consequences of their actions.

I hope that all who were busy tweeting the video have a chance to see the following video. They need to see the pain that is caused by shaming young Black women and I cannot possibly say it better than this young woman did.  I agree, team Amber Cole.

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