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Like many Cannucks, I watched the leaders debate.  What I saw was Harper advocating privatization of health care (cause that worked so great for the U.S) Jets we cannot afford, prisons (again, ask the U.S about it’s prison population) and tax cuts for the rich (Reagan would be proud – trickle down economics everyone). I also don’t understand how anyone could ignore the fact that he referred to the debate as “bickering”.  This is how a democracy works; we are all free to disagree.  I think that it tells us a lot about Harper’s vision of a Canadian government looks like. 

I went into the debate knowing that I already disagreed with some of Ignatieff’s policies, and I have to say he is looking even more unappealing now.  First being a bully and pointing out that the NDP has always been the opposition party didn’t sit well with me.  To me, the fact that they have always been the opposition is a selling point.  Let’s be clear, Ottawa has been fucked for a long time.   I am further not in the least bit amused that he only mentioned violence against women in terms of gun control.  Really?  I suppose patriarchy has nothing to do with the sexism and violence that women face then?  Also, nation building is not what I want my money spent on, and it is not disrespecting the troops to say so. Three more years is far too long of an engagement.  I will however give him points, for making it clear that the crime rate is down and that Harper traffics in the politics of fear.

Layton for me when he managed to stay on point was devastating.  Also extra cool points for using the term bling bling and hastag fail within 30 seconds of each other.  Layton was the only person to consistently bring up First Nations people.  He mentioned that lack of women in parliament. I was however not happy that he used his Asian wife to talk immigration.  POC should not be used as a tool.  I think this highlights just how ridiculous it is to have four White men talking about multiculturalism, though I will give Layton points for reminding everyone that Harper first came to national attention as a part of The Reform Party. 

As for the BQ I don’t live in Quebec and so nothing he had to say was the least bit relevant to me.  He did however make me ill with politics of assimilation for new immigrants to the province and it seems that what he really wants is a a separate country.

Okay, those were my thoughts on the debate.  I am going to be perfectly honest and say that I leaned NDP long before the debate even started.  To me they are the lesser evil.  What I am most concerned about however, are those who don’t see the need to vote, because they believe all the parties are the same.  They clearly have significant differences between them, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with each platform.

Liberal Party
Conservative Party
New Democratic Party 
Bloc Quebecois 

Your vote counts and the best way to be heard is exercise your rights.  The higher the density rate the greater chance that the wishes of Canadians will be fulfilled.  Inform yourself about the issues, and make the choice that is right for you. 

If you watched the debate, what were your thoughts?  Who did you think emerged as the winner and was best able to translate his parties message? 

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