Lance Bass: I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

Am I the only one that had a problem with a gay man doing a traditional ballroom dance to I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It?  Ballroom is all about conforming to traditional gender norms and while this  was meant to be tongue in cheek, what did it really accomplish but to create Lance as the deviant joke in the midst of a performance lalapalooza of gender and sexuality?

He confidently led Lacey around the dance floor, just like a “real man”.  There was nothing progressive or challenging about this except to show that a gay guy could “play it straight” for the sake of a little publicity. It screamed look at me, I can still be masculine watch me twirl this woman around and twist my hips like I want to fuck her.  Everyone knows there is nothing more masculine, or manly on the planet than fucking a woman. 

When it came to the line in the song, I kissed a girl just to try it,  hope my boyfriend don’t mind it, something inside me cringed terribly.  In the context of ballroom with Lance dancing, what it really means is that his gay identity is the experimental joke and that heterosexuality is what he was meant to express.  I hated this on so  many levels because all it did was affirm that hetero is natural and good and homosexuality is deviant and wrong.  I further disliked it because it implied that masculinity is something that could be reclaimed through the oppression of women.

Just when I thought that I could not be more ill at this little performance it came to an abrupt end with Lance putting on lipstick.  Oh, Yeah conversion temporary, I’m still gay, watch me go all femme right before your eyes.  This is followed by Tom Bergeron asking if “Lance had any lip trauma”? Yeah massive disgust. It’s like a parent saying eat your vegetables they’re good for you….translation: see pussy isn’t that bad, you weren’t ruined for life. Now finish up that pussy boy, and you’ll be strong just  like Popeye.

I really wish Dancing With The Stars had the courage to allow Lance to have a male dance partner.  Why would that have been so threatening? Oh right I know, ballroom needs to be traditional, heaven forbid we deconstruct sexuality and gender norms on primetime television.  It certainly wouldn’t be wholesome if we challenged the idea that dancing is only worth watching when we bring a whole host of cultural ideas to it.

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