Kyle Payne

Ren Has a post up about Kyle Payne so-called feminist ally that must be read.

If you take some time to read some of Kyle’s work, you will see he is very anti-pornography, has dedicated himself in many ways to educating men about the affects porn has upon them and fighting rape culture and stereotypes of masculinity, much like Robert Jensen. Kyle’s writing is moving, he’s been included in the Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution, he links and praises many other anti-porn bloggers, and even, much like his Stop Porn Culture role models, does presentations on the harmful nature of pornography, which are, of course, non-2257 compliant and do not consider the feelings of the people in the images used.

“Kyle Payne was arrested for breaking into the room of and assaulting an unconscious female student at his University while he was a resident advisor. He plead guilty to felony attempted burglary in the second degree and two counts of invasion of privacy. Kyle Payne, feminist ally and enemy of pornography, agrees that “with an intent to arouse my sexual desire, I photographed and filmed Jane Doe and her breast without her consent.”

Clearly Kyle is a wolf in sheeps clothing.  Imagine a rapist counselling a rape victim.  Imagine a man that has not respect for women presenting himself as an ally.  We see you for what you are now Kyle.

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