Kirk Cameron is not Being Persecuted

Continuing on with his monumental assholery, Cameron has now created a video for the Marriage Anti Defamation Alliance.

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Hi my name is Damien Doddard and I am a spokesperson for the Marriage Anti Defamation Alliance. I grew up in the 1980’s with Mike Sever played by Kirk Cameron in the hit TV series Growing Pains. I enjoyed watching Kirk and his acting career mature with films like Fire Proof and Monumental. He’s been persecuted by the mainstream media, mercilessly subjected to an unreasonable amount of scrutiny. Kirk Cameron, one of America’s most important champions for marriage.

Kirk Cameron: If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word and God makes it really clear that society and civilization is really held together by the glue of family. I mean this is where the next generation of human beings are incubated and nurtured and matured in homes – in families. And so we want that to be a place of health and happiness – a place of joy and forgiveness. It needs to be a place that is filled with faith and in order to have that kind of a home, marriages need to be strong because that is ultimately going to serve as the foundation of our family right – is a strong marriage. So when a man and a woman come together and they say, “I do,” they are committing for a lifetime to love each other and to model what love is and what joy is and what forgiveness is to their kids.

Ever since the movie Fire Proof came out several years ago, there was such a strong desire for people t want to get a hold of what they perceived as the principals that turned this marriage around in the theater. When they saw this couple who was about to fall apart with their marriage get it back on track, umm they wanted to get a hold of the book called, The Love Dare, that the father gave to his son and this is really what turned his whole life around. He gets his heart right with God and then he begins winning back the heart of his wife before she divorces him. We’ve basically taken that whole movie, turned it into a live experience, brought it to towns all over the country and people come to it, because they’re looking for help, they’re looking for hope with marriage.

[scene movies to him lecturing an audience]

I do know this, I know that the same God who designed the universe, also designed marriage and I’ve gotten to know him, and I’ve gotten to know his manual [holds up a bible]. And he speaks with authority on every subject, including marriage and his advice trumps Oprah’s every time. [audience applauds and cheers] 

[Back to Kirk talking to camera]

If there is anything I don’t want to fail at, it’s family.  I can fail at the box office, I can fail at work, but I don’t want to fail when it comes to my marriage and with my kids and that’s how these people feel to and that’s why these churches get filled up. Husbands come in with their brides even if their marriage is not doing well, they want it to and many of them leave holding hands, renewing their vows, praying together, crying together, laughing together. I want people to know that there is a way out of wilderness living. There is a way to get off the path that leads us towards separateness and move us towards togetherness and kind of maturing love that we’re all hoping for when we stand at the altar and say, “I do”, and it’s by following the instruction manual of the designer of marriage. People getting married, people having children, people modelling God’s design of marriage for people is the very best investment that we could make in the future of our country and the world as a whole. 

I really think Cameron needs to just disappear, like many of the other child stars from the 80’s, which  btw was the last time he was even remotely relevant.  I decided to write this piece because in the introduction to the video, Damien Doddard had the nerve to suggest that Cameron is actually being persecuted.  To be clear, Cameron has claimed that homosexuality is a sin, and continually advocates for inequality before the law, but somehow he is the one that is being persecuted.  This is beyond a twisting of basic logic and a tactic that is far too common from fundamentalist Christians.  You are not being persecuted if you use your religious beliefs to attack a marginalized community and your bigoted arse gets called on it.  In fact, being a straight, White, class privileged, cisgendered male, who is seemingly able bodied, Cameron has no idea what persecution or oppression really is. The world was designed to uplift and support men like him. What Cameron et al really want is the right to be a bigot without being challenged. They don’t want discussion, they want to indoctrinate people into reveling in their straight privilege.

Marriage is not now, nor has it ever been under attack. Any straight couple can get a marriage license and marry in any state legally without any challenge. Two people of the same sex choosing to get married does not in any way effect that right. What Cameron is defending is heterosexual privilege using revisionist history, while defending it all with his interpretation of the bible – a document btw which has been translated so many times that at this point, it’s hard to know exactly what the original document said.  It’s also worth noting that many of the events were recorded many years after they occurred. When he drones on and on about the bible, I cannot help but wonder whether he did so wearing mixed fibers, after of lunch involving pork or shell fish?  People pick and choose what they want to follow these days and I highly suspect that Cameron has decided to fixate on denying equal rights because it buoys his already massive privilege.

Marriage for the longest time was nothing more than a financial contract between two families and love had little or nothing to do with it. Marriage was about business and the fact that women were deemed property of their father, before ownership was transferred to their husbands, should speak volumes about the lack of concern with love and romance. There was a time when marriage was respected so much that slaves were encouraged to marry and have kids.  Yes, this wonderful institution enriched the planter class and was easily forgotten about when it was time to head to the auction block.  How much did marriage help the slaves? This is a point I am sure Cameron won’t ever talk about. The fact that he cites marriage as the one thing that will save the world is absolutely heinous, considering the fact that things like patriarchy, racism, ableism, poverty, slavery, homophobia and colonialism still abound.  Marriage is not going to solve these problems – only a commitment to equality will stop this.  Marriage will not stop the wicked from being wicked, as Republicans have proven time and time again. Newt so believed in marriage that he tried it several times.

I know that writing this in this space, I am more than likely preaching to the choir but men like Cameron disgust me to such a level that I find it absolutely impossible to remain silent in the face of his lies and hatred.  I would love to be able to ignore this failed actor, but the truth of the matter is that he is being held up as a role model and money has been invested to set up as the paragon of right and good, when what he is, is a corrupt hate filled bigot. Marriage is not the cornerstone of civilization as he suggests and his failure to admit the truth of this, stands as evidence of his willingness to deny recorded history, to push a hate filled agenda. If anything, America’s refusal to legalize same sex marriage across the nation speaks of a country that does not live up to its claims about equality and freedom and places it squarely on the wrong side of history.

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