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Kevin of the Slant truth honoured me with this. Totally awesome as he is damn kick ass himself.  At any rate I am going to pass this on to five blogs that I think do an awesome job of truth telling.

Transgriot: If you are not already reading it you should be.  Do you want to learn how to be an effective trans ally, or to remove transphobic language from your speech, this is the blog.  If you want to learn about what it is like to live as a trans woman in a society that is un welcoming and intolerant, this is the blog.

Professor What If: This feminist blog examines race, class and gender from  a theoretical perspective.  In terms of ass kicking, you need look no further.  Every time I read it, I need to take a moments pause to reflect upon the lessons that have been so generously shared .

WOC PHD:  Do you ever read a blog and find yourself continually nodding your head in agreement?  This is what happens when I read this blog.  I find myself thinking now why didn’t this occur to me?

Renegade Evolution: This blog is written by one fucking right on woman. I find her work to advance the rights of sex trade workers to be inspiring. She is a master of truth telling.

Uppity Brown Woman: I just discovered this blog not to long ago and I am hooked.  I love her brashness and honesty. I love the way she keeps it real, mostly though it is the way she speaks truth to power—tell it

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