Kate Gosselin: When Mommy Isn’t Perfect

In the video above Maddy complains of being dehydrated and asks her mother for water.  Kate then requests a bottle of water but then drinks it when it arrives, denying her child the opportunity to quench her thirst.  Kate announces that the interview is about to start and that everyone will have their needs taken care of afterwards.  When Maddy complains again she is told to be quiet by her mother.

Clearly this is not a shining moment for Kate and to make matters worse, it was all caught on film.  Those that have been looking for the smallest excuse to vilify her will take this little clip and run to the moon and back with it.

Michelle Collins of the Best Week Ever, turned this little episode into a tirade.  She called for Kates children to be removed by child protective services. Apparently Kate’s attitude is so terrible that she needs to be forcibly stopped.

It is clear that Kate Gosselin is not the perfect mother, but no one is.  Each day we all make mistakes, say things we wish we could take back and display a lack of patience.   It is only because the discourse of “perfect mommy” exists, that we are able to so easily denigrate women like Kate. 

Of course she made a mistake, in fact I am sure that it is one of many, however advocating for children to be removed is ridiculous and plays into the stereotype that mothers exist to serve the needs of their children immediately.  Anyone that has watched five seconds of the show knows that Maddy is a drama queen, furthermore waiting a few minutes for a drink did not cause the child permanent damage.

No matter what mother a camera followed, if it recorded honestly the day to day interactions it would reveal moments of imperfection and loss of patience because mothers are HUMAN BEINGS, who have been known from time to time to fuck up. Kate is the mother of eight and no matter how much we love our children there are days when they will drive us around the bend or we will be thoughtless in our actions.  

No one will ever get it all right and what matters is that we get it more right than wrong.  How about we give Kate a break and stop trying to shame her for not being the perfect June Cleaver.  Society is hard enough on women without us all lining up to judge and jump all over one another.

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