Just Say You're Sorry Dan Savage

Everywhere I look I see Dan Savage.  He has been on Larry King, and last night he showed up on D.L Hughleys Break The News (yes I know I killed some brain cells watching it)  He is heavily advocating for the passing of same sex marriage on every show.  While I support what he is trying to do, I am still waiting for an apology.

Last night he described the “African American civil rights movement as the large movement capitol CRM and gay rights as fruit of the same tree but lower case crm”.  Yeah a little late to start with the patronizing, now that you have already blown your anti-racist credentials. Oh about your threat to move to Canada – Black people live here to, and we attend black churches here as well. Perhaps I should point out the areas that are the most black infested so that you can be sure to avoid them while you reside with us in the supposed great white north. 

Here is another thing, gay marriage or not, homophobia exists in Canada.  That would be because the problems with homophobia are larger than whether or not you can say “I Do”. Go ahead and privilege marriage, like gay bashing, and HIV/AIDS, etc don’t exist.  Up here, you will just have to learn to ignore when someone makes a gay joke, because hey you can get married, and that is the only real concern for homosexuals right?  It won’t take much of our famous B.C weed for you to fit in because you already see the world through a warped over privileged lens.

The first step to reaching out to the black community should be an APOLOGY. It’s not that hard really…say after me I’m sorry. Two little words that won’t really hurt you but will at least attest to the fact that the racism that you engaged in was wrong.

Here is another thing to note..today is Sunday. Do you know where blacks are? Can you even take a guess? We are in church. I know that Sunday is the most segregated day in North America, but if you really want to reach out to the black community the first place to start is at a church. 

Sit quietly and listen to the sermon.  Are you feeling uncomfortable being the only white face in a black room? Yeah blacks face that everyday.  If the culture and class shock is too much for you, start in a church that has more affluent parisheners that way you will still be in your own class element. When it is over approach the minister, introduce yourself..yeah know, start a relationship. This is how it works.

Perhaps after the sermon you could lower yourself to set foot in a black community centre.  Ok I feel it is necessary to warn you that you will probably be the only white face again.  Walk in, introduce yourself. Explain why you are there.

Visiting churches and community centres is called OUTREACH, something the GLBT community should have engaged in before the election.   Going on D.L Hughley and pleading your case is not reaching out to black people.  Yes the fool is the right skin colour, but it is going to take more than a visit to CNN’s resident idiot to prove to POC that you truly want an inclusive movement.

I would love to stroll through any gay community and see images of people various colours.  How about allowing more POC to advocate on behalf of the gay community.  Yeah, I know you must be enjoying the publicity, but believe it or not hearing about the struggle for gay rights from POC themselves might actually help those who voted yes on 8 understand that it is indeed a civil rights issue.  As long as your face and the faces of white men continue to be the dominate images presented to the world in reference to gay rights, blacks are going to continue to see this as nothing more than white men having hissy fits.

The GLBT has an image problem and the only way to end it, is to allow more black faces to appeal to the public.  That would mean ceding control a little and so I know that is not likely to happen.  As anti-racist as white people claim to be there are many that still have issue with seeing a black person in power.

Well Dan, I’m about done.  I’ve given you some really good tips, and I hope that you listen.  I sincerely hope to see less of you on tv, and more of people that look like me or that show some sort of cultural bond.  Until that day comes I will know that the gay community is just as racist as any other social justice movement.

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