Just A Drop: Now We Cannot Even Use The Bathroom In Peace

Can any function that womens bodies perform possibly go without being policed? Every single living creature defecates…but women must concern themselves with the offending odour…image There is no need to fear ladies, Just A Drop has come to the rescue with a solution.

Did you ever think the day would come when you couldn’t even take a shit in peace? The rules involved with being a woman are beyond ridiculous..Don’t fart, don’t belch, cross your legs when you sit, shave your legs, arm pits and twat, smother your face with makeup to keep revlon and max factor in business, don’t masturbate, yada, yada…no wonder parents have to start from birth programming us in the ways of performing femininity.

image MMM eucalyptus in the bathroom because women don’t do something as human as defecate..no that is far to dirty and manly for us to ever admit to. You know, this kinda conflicts with all the toilet paper ads that are aimed at us now doesn’t it?  I guess the tissue is just for decoration if we slip up and are one of those unfortunate people whose bodies actually function the way that they were biologically intended to. Now we can hide our disgrace.  Shame, shame on me for being totally human.

Don’t women have more important things to worry about than making sure that the bathroom smells like eucalyptus, what with the 70 cents on the dollar, no daycare provisions, domestic violence, rape etc?  Here I am dedicating this little tirade to Just A Drop…. I will admit that the aforementioned are far more serious issues, however  this rant really isn’t about bathroom “politics” shit no, it is about the way in which companies create a fear in women, that cause us to spend our few disposable dollars purchasing things we do not need, to correct constructed faults. Note, your vagina does not stink, so don ‘t buy deodorizer, but your shit does, and you know what it’s supposed to…so do your business, move on and don’t be tricked into buying yet another piece of crap that you don’t need. Stop making others rich because of your ridiculous insecurities.

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