Joe Horn, Murderer

image On November 17, 2007 Joe Horn did the unforgivable, he killed two men.  The grand jury recently refused to indict Joe for murder, and now he is being celebrated as a hero.  Good ole gun toting Joe came to the defence of his neighbours property, and in the process two men lost their lives.  Even though he was clearly told by the 911 dispatcher to remain in his home, and that the police were on the way, he simply could not stand idly by and allow these men to leave with possessions that did not even belong to him. There was no threat upon him, or his property. 

This is the result of the “castle doctrine” law in Texas, wherein people may use deadly force to protect their own property or to stop arson, burglary, robbery, theft or criminal mischief at night.  Why does Texas even have 911, if citizens can just kill someone who is leaving their property, and has not caused them any personal harm? That is right, the men were leaving. 

In all of the media reports that I have read about this story, the reporters make sure to mention that these men were illegal immigrants from Columbia, as if this fact somehow detracts from their humanity. They weren’t “regular” Americans, so why not shoot them, they didn’t belong here in the first place. Joe did the right thing because these were men of colour, and we all know what a threat they can be to God fearing white people. What was Joe supposed to do, just let them leave with his neighbours property?  He could not sit safely in his home with his gun, Noooo he made a bet with the 911 operator that he was going to kill them. image image And so so with malice and forethought, good ole Joe pulled the trigger three times, and two men are now dead. No matter what they were doing at the time of their deaths, it is important to acknowledge that these were indeed men, who but perhaps for an accident of birth could have been “regular” Americans akin to good ole Joe. There really is nothing that separates them from us, except our refusal to acknowledge their humanity.

How is it that on this planet that we all share, the ridiculous notion of an illegal human being can be used as justification for murder?  Borders are a social construct which exist, specifically to perpetuate the idea of difference.  They are not like us, and so it is perfectly fair to create unfair trading practices that allow us to impoverish them, while we live in relative luxury. When they try to escape the poverty that Western governments have subjected their populace to, we criminalize them and create them as less than, rather than acknowledging our complicity in their impoverishment.   They have no right to want  what we have, after all we have rightfully stolen it from them, and we have no intention of giving it back.

The answer to reducing property crime is certainly not to correct a system that is so imbalanced that many labour for $1 per day.  It would certainly not help the world to redistribute assets fairly, acknowledging that those that have accumulated the most have done so upon the backs of the worlds most vulnerable citizens.  Damn it, arm yourself the “illegals” are coming.  We cannot let them get away with stealing our debt laden purchases from labour exploiting Walmart.  It is our obligation to make sure that these “illegals” remember who the massa is in the first place.  If some of them end up dead along the way, there is no need to worry because they breed like rabbits anyway.

I know that Texas believes that there is the United States, and then there is Texas, however wilfully granting citizens the right to kill over meaningless property is wrong.  I am sure that the gun manufacturers are thanking you for passing laws that will increase their profit margin, but believe it or not people are worth more than things.  We will never know what these two men could have contributed to the world had they not had the misfortune to born dark, and poor on the wrong side of the border.

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