Jezebel, When Colluders Speak Freely

I first came across this clip at Wonderland or Not.  Conner has an awesome take down so make sure to read it.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that if you live in Williamsburg you are safe from rape?  Why oh why don’t some people come with a mute button?  Apparently  it is possible to pay someone to “rape” you…great to know in case you ever want to live out that horrible little fantasy.

Now I honestly believe that reporting rape is a difficult thing for a woman to do when one considers  slut shaming, invasion of privacy, or fear, etc but to announce to the world that you would rather drink, leads me to believe that you need to find an AA meeting immediately.  Though I try to honour the experiences of all women, one that claims to feel safe and secure around her rapists has serious credibility issues to say the least.  I am not sure what is more repellant, their assertion that women who are not pro-active in their defence are the ones that get raped, or that women fearing rape is like some kind invited drama.

Okay Jezebel ladies I know that you are trying to project a certain sense of “coolness”, but what you end up doing is belittling women that have been raped. In case you can slip away from your arrogant, drunken identities for one moment, I would like to point out that this is colluder like behaviour. Feminists who work to improve the lives of women do not belittle rape and treat it in this cavalier manner. Feminists who care about women don’t suggest that women are in any way to blame for being raped.  So here is my suggestion…hand in your feminist card and we’ll consider this no harm no foul, call it a mulligan. If you continue to advocate this deceitful shit, I am going to have put you permanently on the colluder list. This interview makes it clear that the only thing you are capable of representing is idiocy.

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