The Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton, Bitch)

This video was created by Princeton grad Nikki Muller.  It talks about how women hide the fact that they are highly educated in order not to scare men off and the fact that even with an ivy league education, women are still struggling to make a living

I get the point she was trying to make but there are so many issues with this video that for me they override the positive. Note the one Black female to give the video street cred. I also have a problem with this privileged White woman talking about how much she has in common with Michelle Obama.  They may have the same alma mater but that is where the comparisons end.  Michelle was the first one in her family to go to college and she grew up poor in Chicago.  Appropriating her experience to add legitimacy to a gender complaint, shows exactly how out of touch Muller is.

I also could have done without the video vixen booty shot.  Yelling about being oppressed by men and then having the sole Black woman in the video do the booty shaking shows an extreme lack of understanding oh how sexism and racism impact women.

Good for her that she studied hard and got into Princeton, but I bet that all of the privileged encoded to her body had a lot to do with why she is now an ivy league grad. How about acknowledging that?  No, it’s not a derailment to point out that one can be oppressed in one area and privileged in another. I always have a problem with these brief  empower the girls sort of messages, because they often exclude any form of intersectionality.  Before we jump all over this and celebrate women encouraging other women not to hide their intelligence, we need to look at all the other messages this song sends and what it excludes. I think I will hold my applause.

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One comment on “The Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton, Bitch)
  1. BlackTiger says:

    This analysis is ridiculous. You sure are making a lot of assumptions about this girl and her background. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with a white girl looking up to or identifying with Michelle Obama. I say this as a black female Princeton alum. The judgement and narrow- mindedness in your post is what I thought we were fighting agains?