It’s Not Abuse It’s Accidental Racism

As I posted earlier there is currently a case being heard in Winnipeg in which CFS have removed an eight year old girl and her younger brother from their parents custody after the child appeared at school with racist symbols drawn on her skin. 

It seems that these white pride parents are so proud of their political and racist point of view that they have decided to blame the child.  Somehow the child came up with the racist language on her own accord and decided that she wanted to display a swastika on her body.  They have declared the child a liar

They told the social worker their daughter often makes things up, and was famous for lying, the worker testified. The parents also said the girl had likely drawn some of the symbols on her body herself.

When the social worker asked why the girl was able to talk about certain things, like hurting people or killing people of colour, the stepfather said it was probably something she’d heard in a private conversation and was probably a joke, the hearing was told.

According to the social worker, the mother said she had no idea why her daughter would refer to them as skinheads.

But the social worker said extended family members later told her that the parents had shaved their heads, and the little girl’s, and described themselves as a skinhead family.

The mother has fled the area and is living in an undisclosed location.   These parents are guilty of indoctrinating their children with hatred. What I find astounding, is that they are not openly admitting their actions despite claiming that they are entitled to their individual beliefs. 

Isn’t it lovely to be able to have it both ways.  This family declares a freedom of belief/expression, combined with the ability to deny undeserved white privilege and in each situation they deny responsibility for their actions.  You cannot have it both ways, either you have the right to free speech or the little girl is a liar.  I think I will trust the little girls version of events. 

If these people are so proud of what they claim are their beliefs they should be able to cite them without reservation.  Not only do they want to hold onto white privilege, they want the right to express their bigotry and racism without reproach. Times have changed and people of color no longer have to tolerate our diminishment without commentary.  So, if you are going to be proud of your “white heritage”, say it loud, say it long but be willing to accept to the consequences of your behaviour.

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