It's Friday and The Question Is.........

This week I would like to talk about a pet peeve of mine.  On far too many occasions I will read what I consider to be a brilliant post only to see someone in comments attempt to invalidate the author because of their writing style or a grammatical mistake.  For the most part, when we see someone write there instead of their or where instead of wear, we know damn well what they meant to say, but somehow this interpreted to mean that the author has no basis from which to draw their conclusions.  I also see this as a form of disableism and classism.

When I have to take a large amount of drugs, because I am in pain, my ability to proofread is hampered.  I know that I am not the only disabled person to be in this situation and the idea that we are somehow illegitimate because of it, is disableist. What about those that have cognitive disabilities are they to be shut out of this new and expanding genre?

There are also a great many people blogging who have no post secondary education, but their life experiences have taught them much.  Should these people be ignored and silenced because their learning did not take place in a formal setting?  This is classist because higher education is not as readily available as so many seem to feel.

This weeks question is have you ever attempted to silence someone because of a spelling or grammar error and what did you hope to gain?  My second question is, how do we combat people who choose to silence people based in enforcing a standard form of communication that is both limiting and disableist?

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