It's Friday and The Question Is.........

My arm was twisted into writing this week’s question by everyone’s favourite Gus, aka ALLISON MCCARTHY.  We were talking about the expense of buying books, when she chose to remind me that I could always offset this by going to the library, and then only buying the books that I really loved.  In theory, this is a great idea.  The problem is, I am not responsible enough to have a library card.  Right now I owe 140.00 Can dollars in outstanding fines.  Every time I borrow a book, I forget to bring it back, and then get a lovely little notice regarding my outstanding fees.  It is never pretty. So, I have decided that I simply am not responsible enough for a library card.  With the amount of money that I pay in fees, I might as well buy the book.  So, this week’s question is: What everyday item are you just to irresponsible to either have or control?

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