It Seems Ke$ha is Threatened By Trans Women

Since the first time I heard Blah Blah Blah, I fervently wished that this woman would just go away.  When you add to the fact that she has no problem appropriating First Nations culture for a fashion statement, I hardly see anything redeemable about her. She clearly does not care who she offends as long as people keep downloading her music.  Ordinarily speaking, she is the type of person I would purposefully ignore; however, she seems determined to use her privilege to harm others and so I am forced to pay attention to her ignorance and bigotry for the purposes of calling her out.

It seems that Ke$ha has struck again and this time she has chosen to attack trans women.

On ‘trannies:’
Freaks are what make everything mildly more interesting in life but with trannies, they make me want to be a better woman. I see these men who have way better bodies than I do, more beautiful faces, better complexions, beautiful makeup, and they’re more fun than any person I’ve met in my life. They make me feel like I’m not a very good woman. 

Ke$ha is right, she is not a very good woman, and it has everything to do with her failure to practice the most basic form of respect for people.  Seriously, where does this woman get off calling anyone a freak?  I suppose she thought she was being complimentary saying that trans women are beautiful, but referring to them as men is a complete denial of their identity.

Then of course there is the slur.  The trans community has said repeatedly that ‘tranny,’ is a slur and yet cis people keep saying this.  I don’t believe that this is news to anyone, when the transgender community has been so very vocal about this issue.  How completely bigoted do you have to be to continue to use a word as a descriptor once someone has said that they find it offensive?  It does not take effort to stop using a word, you simply have decide that your speech should not include elements that “other”.

Ke$ha’s body is absolutely encoded with privilege and power.  She has class privilege, White privilege, heterosexual privilege,  and western privilege, yet — instead of using any of this power for good, she has decided to use it to harm people.   People aren’t going to look at her and question her gender — her cisgender status assures that and yet, she claims to be threatened by trans women and their femininity.  I wonder if she would like to face the continual societal attacks that trans women face?  Is this something that she would be envious of?  What about the difficulties in employment, housing, health care?  I would bet those are problems she would not want to share.  Though damaging in a different way, her comments remind me very much of White women who claim to be envious of Black hair.  This supposed jealousy needs to stop.  It is insulting and ignores the various issues that marginalized women must deal with.

For Ke$ha, this was just another interview, but for the trans women or gender variant women who read this interview, this was one more attack, of the countless attacks they have been subjected to in their lifetime.  They won’t have the privilege of just ignoring her as an irrelevant pop star, because she has directly attacked and erased their identity.   Each comment that affirms that they are to be socially “othered” confirms and supports our cissexist society, making it that much more difficult to live their lives.  Cis women like Ke$ha directly contribute to the violence  trans women face.  The mere fact that they considered to have  transgressed the gender binary, is enough for many to murder them — and so when she asserts that they are really men, what she is doing is telling someone that they have the right to attack.  Language means something and even when we do not meant to offend, it does not mean we have not caused offense. Instead of singing meaningless songs, perhaps Ke$ha could do the world a favor and just be silent.

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