It's Not Called Racism Anymore, It's Called Irony

image I came across this image at ERRPort-77.  More commentary can be found at the America Blog. Every time I think that I cannot possibly be more offended, about the racism that has been used to attack the Obamas, something new comes along.

In homage to the obviously “terrorist fist bump” the New Yorker has decided to prey upon the ignorance of others and perpetuate stereotypes that are not only harmful to the Obamas, but to all POC.  According to the Huffington Post, Barry Blitt the artist who drew this depiction responded to criticism by saying, “I think the idea that the Obamas are branded as unpatriotic [let alone as terrorists] in certain sectors is preposterous. It seemed to me that depicting the concept would show it as the fear-mongering ridiculousness that it is.”

Does this excuse seem familiar to you? It should, it  is quite similar to the excuse given by the DailyKos for its portrayal of Michelle Obama being lynched. Depicting racial imagery to “fight” racism is not acceptable.   This is not the work of an ally.  I have looked at the other depictions drawn by this artist in search of the same kind of “irony,” and surprisingly enough, none that I viewed relied on racism to illustrate a point. Blacks seem to keep winning the lottery on events like this. Who needs 40 acres and a mule when we are all so equal now?

Who does Blitt think that he will convince with this little cartoon?  Those that already believe that Barack Huesein Obama is a terrorist are not going to be swayed by seeing him dressed up in Middle Eastern style clothing …Nope, they are going to say ah ha told ya, the New Yorker even agrees with me. It does not matter what commentary goes around the image, it is the image that will resonate in the mind of others.   Look he’s different, he’s not white, he can’t be a real American, and to make sure that is what people take away from this image the flag is burning in the fireplace.   Blacks are American enough to be over represented in the military, but certainly not American enough to hold any real power in society.

The depiction of Barack alone would be enough to draw my ire, but just to make sure an opportunity is not missed to completely reduce blacks, Michelle is included in this tasteless cartoon. From head to toe her depiction is that of an angry, irrational black woman. Notice the gravity defying afro synonymous with rebellion in the eyes of many. The afro symbolizes black pride but used in this context it is meant to be an indication of a black counter culture revolution, and therefore anti white.  A person that critiques white privilege of course views all whites as racist.  What would an angry black woman be without a gun, because ya know all black women are mad at the world. WOC are on a mission of destruction guided by hate. That the anger might possibly be justified is deemed ridiculous, after all she is a member of an elite class. Gotta keep your eyes on those uppity Negroes.

Daily POC must listen to the platitudes of whites that tell us that they don’t see colour, or difference.  This is supposed to imply that difference is manufactured, and not nearly as prevalent as POC proclaim it to be.  We are enjoying the benefits of living in a post-racial society, while almost everywhere we look blacks continue to be marginalized, and ‘othered’.  I for one am not fooled. The white sheets may have been donated to charity but those that now wear the dark suits are equally as dangerous to our progression as a people. Just because someone is not screaming white power, and nigger does not mean that their actions do not have a negative racial overtone.  Mr.Blitt, blacks need your kind of help, like we need an injection of deadly influenza.

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