It doesn’t pay At the Ballot Box to be a Misogynist

One of the reasons that the GOP believed that Barack Obama
was elected four years ago, is that they weren’t conservative enough.  This election cycle, several GOP candidates
increased their misogynist rhetoric and engaged in what can only be described
as a war against women.  Considering that
women make up fifty percent of the electorate, this was hardly a smart decision,
as the election results proved last night. 
Akin who referred to doctors
who provide abortions (which by the way is a
perfectly legal medical procedure), as “terrorists,” didn’t fare well last
night.  Apparently these doctors who have
undergone years of medical training perform abortions on women who aren’t
actually pregnant and scare women into making the decision to abort.  By his reasoning, women aren’t capable of
making up their own minds about what to do with their bodies.  Todd Akin also at some point must have failed
basic biology because he also believes that women cannot get pregnant from
rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that
whole thing down, Akin
.”  Don’t feel sorry for Akin
because he
lost the election last night
to the incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill because
he now has time to go back to school and actually learn some basic biology.  Education should after all be a lifelong
Tom Smith who tried to create distance between himself and
Todd Akin compared
pregnancy conceived through rape to being a single mother
.  Someone should have advised him that you
cannot run away from misogyny while sticking your foot in your mouth.  Tom
Smith lost his election bid
to democrat Bob Casey.  
Richard Mourdock  came
fire for saying
, “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I
came to realize life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in
that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to
happen.”  I suppose this is a polite
way of saying that when life gives lemons, make lemonade.  Well, Mourodock better get his lemonade stand
ready because he
lost his election bid
to Democrat  Joe
Donnelly in Indiana. 
Joe Walsh wanted the world to know that he is pro birth no
matter what the situation is. Apparently, modern medicine means that the life
of the mother is never at risk.  He
, “There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as
health of the mother, same thing.” I wonder if he believes all of the science
aired on Star Trek as well? Joe Walsh lost
his re-election bid last night
to Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth in
Illinois’ 8th congressional district.

Last night’s election results was more than a win for
President Barack Obama, it was a win for women; it was a win for reproductive freedom.  All of these straight cisgender white men
will never be in a position to have to choose between carrying a pregnancy to
term and having an abortion, yet for some reason, they believe that they have
the right to legislate our wombs. There can be no other word to describe this
than misogyny.   
Uniformly, they based their convictions on religious beliefs
and by so doing, have forgotten that the U.S. has a separation between church
and state for a reason. Christianity is far from the only religion in America
and its place is most certainly not in government. Measures like sex education,
access to free or low cost birth control, as well as lessening the income gap
between men and women would go a long way to reducing the number of abortions
but that is not something any of these men advocated for.  Instead their agenda was to control women and
sympathise with rapists.  
As a woman, these decisions buoy my belief in the system.  Due to free speech laws, these men certainly
had the right to say what they did but that does not mean that they should be
free of consequences.  The people have
spoken and advocating for a lessening of reproductive freedom is not a
something the country is interested in.  Hopefully
this will be a lesson to legislators that a woman’s womb belongs only to her
and should not be subject to government intervention.  
Though the U.S. is still clearly very much a sexist society
because women have yet to reach parity with men and this is especially true when
it comes to marginalized women, these election results prove that we are
willing to use the power we do have to our benefit.  Hopefully, it will serve to remind young
women that the rights which our foremothers fought so valiantly for will always
be under threat until we achieve true equality in all spheres of life with men.
This is why there will never be an election that we can afford to sit home and
pretend that what happens does not affect our lives.  Even if you personally believe that abortion
is not something you would choose, women should have the right to decide
individually.  Every vote matters when it
comes to ensuring that women retain our right to choose.  
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