Is the strong independent black Feminist woman, only a modern mammy-slave!

The following video has been making the rounds in the blackosphere and it really does need a wider discussion. I first saw it here.


Oh yeah, Black woman, Black woman, I got a message for you.  Look at this video.  Look at that video. That video summarizes your current state in America and of course what you’ve been through for hundreds of years and I’m here to remind you what you’ve been through and frankly what you still are and that is a mammy.  Oh yeah, do you know what a mammy was?  During slavery the mammy slave oh yeah, this was a woman that was the consummate house slave.  Her job during slavery was to literally breast feed White children and to prove to you that this wasn’t a myth, I just heard a commercial where these beasts, these monsters are now selling breast milk.  Oh yeah, that’s the new healthy thing for people to drink – breast milk. See, we’re dealing with real vampires like Jeffery Dahmer.  So if they’re selling breast milk right now, probably being traded on the stock exchange, whatever company sells breast milk, what do you think you did during slavery?  You had to breast feed White children, at the expense of your own children.  You were a mammy Black woman.  You were the proverbial shoulder for people to cry on.  And the White slave masters, the Willie Lynch type slave masters, and Willie Lynch was quite real, they had the Black slave woman, the Black mammy thinking that she ran the plantation.  Oh yeah, she was the house slave, she kept everybody in order.  She kept everybody healthy, yet she couldn’t have a family.

The same thing is happening in modern times Black woman; that’s what feminism was all about. You supposed to be an independent woman, I mean think about the hypocrisy.  For hundreds of years, you bare foot, pregnant and in a hot kitchen literally.  I mean literally, you barefoot pregnant and in a hot kitchen and your children were sold away from you.  You weren’t allowed to have a family.  Your family was White people, the plantation, Willie Lynch, and quite frankly, that’s how Oprah Winfrey has become a billionaire by being a Mammy, oh yeah, for White people to nurse and nourish.  White people’s every pathology, all of their problems, all of their psychological nuances, just like a mother is supposed to do to her family.  I mean think about it, think about the hypocrisy.  Black woman, you’ve got to explore this, since you’re supposed to be so educated.  You can’t remain in denial. You can’t remain in denial of what a mammy was and what a mammy is Black woman.  You cannot continue to deny the realities of feminism.  You cannot continue to preach that strong independent woman philosophy yet, you are not doing what a strong woman is supposed to do whether they are a man or a woman. Strong person is supposed to lead and heretofore you have not lead Black woman.  You have not lead because you are still a mammy. For hundreds of years they told you that you were an independent woman, but you are supposed to run the plantation.  Oh yeah, that’s what they had you doing, you were a mammy, that’s what it was called.  There was an actress by the name of Hattie McDonald.  There’s here picture right there.  She was the consummate mammy, she portrayed the consummate mammy, and of course she was given many awards for this and I’m glad that she was an actress that played the mammy because it served to preserve what a mammy did.  Were it not for Hattie McDonald, you all wouldn’t believe what a mammy was, just like you don’t believe the Willie Lynch letter. You are a sick people — you are a great people at the same time paradoxically. 

Oh yeah, Moses had to deal with some obviously sick people once they left pharaoh.  They did respect Moses, ’cause guess what?  They thought that Moses had stolen them from pharaoh.   Oh yeah, them slaves, they didn’t like Moses, they didn’t believe in Moses and they didn’t believe in the God that Moses represented, but God had it hooked up where they people had to depend on Moses, but they didn’t respect Moses.  It was only a few people who respected Moses, you see because once a upon a time, you see Moses, he was an officer, an official of pharaoh’s empire. But you see that’s how God works. God is paradoxical and if you can understand the concept of paradoxical and then you can understand God.  You can understand good and evil and that duality — that tension.  

But back to the subject of what a mammy is.  Oh yeah Black woman, you are a mammy for hundreds of years and now they are telling you that you are liberated, independent, feminist diva woman, single mom is a social time bomb.  Oh yeah, no doubt about it, no doubt about it, there is no doubt about it Black woman, you are in a tug of war with the Black man.  

In the 1960’s the Black man was strong, but then feminism came along and everything went wrong and for forty years the Black man has been male based in books, magazines, radio, television, movies and advertising.   And now it has culminated with that tv commercial about Pepsi.  It’s a very popular commercial because it makes Black women look bad, oh yeah it makes bad women look totally bad: total attitude, total drama queen, and it makes Black men look kind of stupid too ’cause he’s clueless; he’s just stuck in the middle of that gender war.  Oh yeah, oh yeah, make no mistake about it Black woman, I am giving you all the clues that you will ever need and yet you are in trouble because you failed to lead and that’s the whole point.  Look at that cover of Newweek, March 3, 2003, there it is right there, you’ve failed to lead.  You have failed to lead, failed to lead Black woman, although you’re supposed to be so educated.  You also claim that there was a shortage of good Black men, yet lo and behold we have a Black president.  Lo and behold all the White women can easily find the healthiest and the wealthiest Black athletes. God is not easily mocked or the strong Black men. Let me hear you say Amen.

Malcolm X, “We declare our right on this earth to be a man.” 

Have you forgotten that when we were brought here we were robbed of our name, robbed of our language, we lost our religion, we lost our God and many of us by the way we act we have lost our mind.

And there we have it.  I can certainly see a lot of things wrong with this video, but I am more interested in what you think.  Do you believe that there is any validity in his argument and if so why?  Why do you think that this video has drawn so much interest?  It would be easy dismiss much of what he says, but should we? 

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